How to Save Money as a New Mom


How to Save Money as a New Mom

There’s no getting around it: becoming a parent is expen$ive. And we’re not even talking about all the cash you’ll shell out to babysitters for date night. We’re talking about the first days, weeks, and months of being a new mom. In this article, we’ll go over some new mom money-saving tips that won’t require you to take out a debt consolidation loan to buy the necessities.

6 money saving tips for new moms

1. See if your insurance covers lactation consultations

Your insurance may cover in-house lactation consultant visits. If they don’t, you can still contact your hospital’s lactation department to see if you’ll be able to receive covered services while you’re there. Your insurance may also cover a breast pump (though you may need to pay for it upfront and get reimbursed later). If your consultant and/or breast pump aren’t covered by insurance, they may still be tax deductible.

2. Check swap groups

Join your neighborhood Facebook swap group to see what you’ll be able to receive for free/for a discount/for trade. You’ll be surprised by the amount of free or highly discounted items posted by parents with older kids who simply want to clean out their homes. Toys, bassinets, changing tables, and many other items are often availability for far less than what you’d pay in store. Don’t forget to ask friends/family if they have extra baby stuff they no longer need.

3. Have a baby shower

Baby showers are…often very boring for guests (just getting real here). However, they are a wonderful opportunity for you to get most of the big-ticket items you need. For example, instead of shelling out $1,000 for an UPPAbaby VISTA V2 stroller, you can gently hint about your need for one to wealthy great-aunt Mildred.

4. Create a registry

Even if you decide to nix a shower, you should still create a registry (and send a link to Mildred) at places like Amazon or Babies R Us. Your friends/family will hopefully be rushing to buy what you need, and you’ll even receive coupons from both companies that you can use on any items that weren’t immediately snatched up.

5. Subscribe and save

Subscribing for the essentials, such as diapers and formula, can help ensure that you receive the items on a regular basis and save some cash in the process. Make sure to also join loyalty companies of big brands for coupons and free swag.

6. Ask for samples

While you’re snuggling with your baby in newborn bliss, make sure you don’t forget to ask your doctor/nurse for product samples. You’ll be able to test out items to make sure your baby likes them before you buy.

You may not be able to buy/save money on everything (last we checked, liquid sleep isn’t available on the market), but these products should be able to get you started on the path to motherhood while helping you save a little in the process.

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Brian M
2 years ago

Great post LaDonna! I would like to add a few money saving tips for new moms as well. 1. Limit take out orders. 2. Purchase store brands when possible. 3. Try to save 10% in a separate savings account each month, pay yourself first! 4. Build a minimum six month emergency savings account.