What Mistakes Should You Be Mindful Of With An RV Rental In San Jose


More people in San Jose and everywhere in the country are turning to recreational vehicles for road trip travel instead of other means of transportation. It started with the health crises affecting the world, but its popularity continues. Travelers enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a road trip, but auto travel can be restrictive, and depending on the distance, it can prove costly.

RV vacations, especially if you choose an RV rental in San Jose instead of purchasing a model, prove much more cost-effective and enjoyable with many of your household amenities included in the vehicle. The only real responsibility associated with going on a road trip in an RV is ensuring comfortability with driving the recreational vehicle to keep you and everyone around you safe and secure.

You can’t foresee what roads or conditions you might encounter while crossing from San Jose into other cities or perhaps other states. The suggestion is always to establish the itinerary to get a general idea of the route. 

You can then anticipate potential barriers you might come across. You might make a mistake or two when you start out, but this is how we learn for the next time. Let’s look over a few mistakes that even seasoned RVers make now and again, so you’re aware of what to pay attention for.

Mistakes To Avoid When Traveling By RV Rental From San Jose

When you leave San Jose in your RV rental, you probably believe that you have everything you need, the recreational vehicle is lined out, and the itinerary is set in stone. 

But there is always something that travelers forget, and if not, there is sure to be something along the way that you won’t pay attention to, a mistake that causes a problem just when you believe you’ve thought of everything. Check out a few of these errors so that you hopefully can avoid the same situation.

  • Not practicing before heading out on the primary excursion

When you rent a recreational vehicle and have never operated something of this size, it’s vital to get a feel for it. Some rental companies will likely not let you rent the vehicle if you show signs of being uncomfortable during the test drive. 

Unless you drive a large vehicle in your work life, it can be a challenge coming off the street to do so with no training.

After taking possession of the vehicle, a good suggestion is to take it to a large empty lot like a parking area and practice driving to merely learn the steering, pedals, and how the machine moves, plus the radius for turning. Another major consideration is the height to be sure to clear the underpasses.

You’ll also want to practice parking, especially backing up, since some campgrounds and parks don’t have “pull-through” areas for parking; stressful if you don’t practice a few times without any pressure. Even when you do gain confidence and feel secure with your driving, you should always drive with caution. Click for guidance on renting the right RV.

  • Pay attention to the gas gauge

When driving your RV rental from San Jose to maybe another state, you’ll be in some wide-open spaces and stop in remote areas for camping. You must pay attention to your gas gauge. That can often slip the mind of travelers who then find themselves in the middle of the woods or along the roadway with no gas.

When planning the itinerary, you need to try to designate the proximity of the closest gas stations to your destinations so that you’re prepared in case of emergencies. 

That’s crucial when towing with an auto; you won’t be able to judge as well as you think. There will be a vast difference when hauling compared to driving freely. Remember, the gas station might look like it should be relatively close, but when you’re going through remote areas in an RV, it could be a much further distance than it appears. Learn some RV rental tips at https://www.southernliving.com/travel/rv-rental-tips/.

  • Out of service

When you’re driving through remote areas in an RV rental, you’ll likely not pick up service with your mobile, but did you remember to bring paper maps? And if you did, do you know how to read them?

It’s wise before you leave on your journey to take the opportunity when planning the itinerary to map out on paper maps the routes you intend to take from the beginning to the end, along with any potential stops or detours so you can refer to it any time there’s an interruption in service. 

Study the legend/keys so that you know what precisely you’re reading, so there’s no opportunity for getting lost along the way.

  • Do an inspection

Before you pull out of a site, make sure you do a walk around to avoid possible damages or destruction. Ensure the slide outs are all tucked back in, anything that can fly around inside is secured (small appliances are in cabinets), and the refrigerator door is firmly in place. 

Look at the tire pressure, lock all outside storage bins, and double-check all the luggage and personals are accounted for.

Upon renting an RV, it’s a good idea to ask if there’s a checklist you can bring with you on the trip. It can simplify the experience each time you need to leave a site preventing you from forgetting something. Even the smallest detail could result in potential damage to the recreational vehicle.

Final Thought

The idea of traveling by RV rental is to be as spontaneous as possible. But if you leave San Jose with the notion of touring varied states during the peak holiday season, a lot of the sites will be to capacity. Unless you book ahead of time, you’ll be out of luck. 

Plan and establish the best itinerary for your specific trip. That’s the best advice when going on a road trip in your rented RV.

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