What are the violent crimes for which you can use a bail bond?


Law and order are continually trying to make the world a safe place! Crimes and wrongdoings don’t just exist out of your house, in the streets, in a bank, and the like. Sometimes, corruption and crime take place at home as well as outside. There have been instances of people beating up their children, spouses, and random people mercilessly and using other forms of abuse for years. All these and other domestic violence crimes are punishable. But sometimes, a person gets wrongly accused of a violent crime gets arrested. If you want to set things correct, you need an ace lawyer to represent the defendant at court and also a bail bond to free from the prison.

It’s important to know that a bail bond will only free the defendant from the jail. He/she isn’t declared free of violent crime. If you don’t have the capital to pay for the bail amount, you can get in touch with a bail bond company. To know more, you can get in touch with Castle 24 hour bail bonds.

There are many violent crimes and activities for which you can opt-in for a bail bond. Some of the few names are as follows:

  1. A disorderly conduct

It means disturbing the peace and order of a place. Disorderly conduct generally indicates rash and irrational behavior where a person is too loud, rude, physically violent, indulging in fights, and many more. There are moments when a person displays his/her ill temper, using cursive words and creating havoc at house, shopping mall, office, and anywhere in public. Getting drunk in public and at home and causing a restless situation, whether the physical and mental space of the family and community is in danger, can come under a violent unlawful activity.  

  1. An assault

It is all about causing physical harm to others. It can get categorized as a felony and a misdemeanor, depending on the defendant’s condition. And it is a severe offense. The court needs to consider other essential factors before granting bail.

  1. Resisting arrest

 It happens when an individual comes in between legal arrest. If a criminal or defendant is acting recklessly and uncontrollably during a lawful arrest, he/she can be guilty of this form of domestic violence. Sometimes, when people behave irrationally during a legal arrest, they end up hurting or harming the officer.

  1. Aggravated assault

It is similar to an attack, but here a dangerous weapon gets used by the attacker. It is categorized as a fourth/third degree or a felony offense.

  1. Robbery

When a family member takes another person’s money or prized possessions by force, it is listed as domestic violence. Sometimes, the attacker ends up physically harming other family members. Some of the domestic violence cases against women include robbery by their partners and spouses.

A follow up of this is aggravated robbery, where the attacker makes use of weapons which can harm others.

There are several other forms and types of violent criminal activities that qualify for bail. However, if you know a person who gets wrongly accused of any of the acts mentioned above, you can opt-in for a bail bond and then fight a legal case. 

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