What Are the Different Types of Dental Floss That Exist Today?


“Have you been keeping up with your flossing?” If you’re like 58 percent of Americans who never floss at all, you probably dread answering this question at your regular dental check-up. In fact, you may find your entire dental treatment unpleasant.

Flossing doesn’t have to be a painful chore; it can be a healthy habit that will improve your oral health (and your dental visits). You need to find the tools that make flossing simple. Check out this list of the different types of dental floss to find the one that works for you.

String Floss

This is what comes to mind when most people think of flossing—a thin strand of nylon that you wind around your fingers and slide between your teeth. It comes in both waxed and unwaxed options. Both choices are equally effective at cleaning your teeth and helping you avoid a costly dental procedure.

The difference is simply your preference. Waxed floss glides between your teeth easier and with less friction, but it is thicker than unwaxed floss. People with crowded teeth may prefer unwaxed floss, but without the coating, it could fray and snap much easier. 

Tools like flossing picks use standard string floss. Flossers also come in many options and flavors.

Dental Tape

Dental tape is flat and broad, but it is a little thicker than string floss. It could be the best dental floss for people with wider spacing between their teeth or people who have bridgework. 

Because of its shape, it glides between your teeth smoother than string floss. It’s also less likely to snap against your gum. You may even find dental tape easier to hold.

However, if your teeth are crowded, it’s not the best choice.

Water Flosser

Water flossers are a bigger investment than a simple box of floss, but the dental industry reports that it could be better for you than other flossing options. They are more effective at removing stubborn plaque and reducing bleeding as well as the risk of diseases. Read more about the importance of flossing.

Some models allow you to adjust the pressure to your comfort level. However, note that you must use a higher setting to remove plaque.

The biggest downside of a water flosser is that it’s not as quick and portable as regular floss. It’s also messier—you need to be by a sink to use a water flosser!

Get the Types of Dental Floss That Are Right for You

The difference between dreading your dental checkups and happily scheduling your bi-annual visit lies in your habits. With so many types of dental floss available today, you’re sure to find the type that turns a chore into a delight. Your teeth will thank you if you give daily flossing a try.

Did this article help you out? You can find more health tips like these on the Lifestyle and Health page of this site. Check it out now to find out everything you need to know about finding the best dentist and keeping teeth in top shape.

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Good review of dental floss. Periodically visiting her dentist who works here, she also often asked questions about daily brushing and cleaning the interdental space. The only doctor did not recommend using wooden toothpicks, so as not to damage the tooth.

1 year ago

Dental floss is probably the safest means of dental care, with which it is difficult to injure the gums or damage the tooth. The dentist with whom I am treated here categorically forbade the use of wooden toothpicks that can damage the tooth.