What Are Some of The Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit?


Do you enjoy healthy living? Then chances are you have a workout routine and you are keen on eating healthy foods such as salmon, fresh vegetables, green smoothies, and fruits and you even add a supplement or two to your diet for good measure. 

But did you know that there is an interesting and exotic fruit that deserves a place on your plate that you’ve probably never heard of? The jujube fruit is a fresh, rare and tropical fruit that has been used as traditional medicine in China for more than 3000 years. 

Jujube or Ber or Chinese date as it is commonly known as a type of date with an origin in southern Asia. This magical date-looking fruit has so many health benefits and this is why it has become popular and is now grown in many places including Western Australia. 

When immature, the jujube fruit is green and smooth and it looks like a small apple but as it matures, it takes up a brown purplish color, and when it’s fully matured it wrinkles and looks like a small date. 

The health benefits of jujube fruit are many. Even though preliminary research and the impact on humans is still ongoing, the truth is this fruit has a great health punch. Here are 8 amazing health benefits of jujube fruit.

  1. Promotes A Natural Glow

Jujube is rich in vitamin C and as you know, Vitamin C acts as a skin antioxidant that protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Vitamin C also brightens the skin by fading dark spots, sun spots and helps to get rid of uneven skin tone. Jujube can also aid in the production of collagen that smoothes out the skin thereby preventing wrinkles.

  1. Helps To Keep the Respiratory System Healthy

Jujube fruit keeps the respiratory tract healthy by preventing excess mucus buildup. This is made possible as the fruit contains bromelain which is effective in reducing phlegm. Being rich in vitamin C, the fruit helps the body to fight against diseases as well as repair already damaged body tissues. Also, the vitamin C present in the fruit promotes the formation of new and healthier cells. 

  1. The Jujube Fruit Can Aid in Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose some weight? Well, you can actually eat the Jujube fruit as a healthy snack to help you satisfy cravings. Because it is rich in fiber, this fruit will aid in the digestion process and this will go a long way in ensuring that you lose weight due to fast metabolism.  Jujube fruit also contains palmitoleic acid which speeds up metabolism. Palmitoleic acid is also crucial as it helps the body to burn fats and later on convert fat into energy.

  1. Helps In the Formation of Stronger and Healthier Bones

The jujube fruit is a power-packed fruit that is rich in minerals such as magnesium, manganese, and potassium which help maintain strong and healthy bones. Magnesium is especially important because it promotes higher bone density. 

For older people, the jujube fruit can go a long way in reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis. Magnesium also helps when it comes to the breaking down of fats. This ensures that the body is not holding onto unnecessary fat, which may be trapped in between body tissues thereby weakening the bone structure. 

Potassium on the other hand promotes a healthier heart. The heart is responsible for pumping blood to other body organs. By doing so, it ensures that nutrients are transported throughout the body. This, thereby, ensures that calcium and vitamin D are also transported and are used in tissue, muscle, and bone formation.

  1. Jujube Fruit Can Inhibit Cancer Cells

A research paper published on https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4877962/ showed that jujube significantly inhibited cancer cell viability in patients with cervical and breast cancer. The study concluded that if used properly, the jujube fruit has potential and is very promising to treat human cancers. Because it is rich in betulinic acid, jujube can be added to diets for people going through chemotherapy because of its cancer-shrinking qualities. 

  1. Jujube Fruit Can Actually Stabilize Your Blood Pressure

If you are looking for a natural solution to control your blood pressure, then the jujube fruit can help you a great deal. Snacking on this fruit will help in increasing blood flow to the brain and thus controlling your blood pressure. Thanks to its high levels of potassium and significantly low levels of sodium, the jujube fruit will help you in vasodilation and maintenance of optimal blood pressure.  

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