A Closer Look at Jute Rugs


Rugs have been a part of people’s homes since a long time ago. Whether they serve a specific cleaning purpose or are mainly for design, rugs have just been there. Over time, there have been minor to major changes and a lot of variations too. The variations vary according to the buyer’s preference. Jute rugs have been making a name for themselves in the market. Its natural beauty and the ability to add to the posh, solid, and stylish look of a room have been quite popular in the market.

What are Jute Rugs?

Natural fibers from the jute plant, which is primarily found in Asia, are used to make jute rugs. This type of fabric has been long known to be durable and sturdy and so is used in many things that require strong fibers, like ropes, burlap fabric, and, of course, rugs of many types and sizes. 

Despite the jute rug’s strength and capacity to withstand years of use, this type of rug is surprisingly soft. In fact, jute rugs are softer than some rugs made of natural fibers. The jute rug, for example, is softer than the sisal rug, and so it is ideal for spaces where you would want to walk barefoot. This rug will make you love the wool-like feel of the fibers on your feet even more.

The Pros and Cons of Buying and Owning Jute Rugs

With every product you buy, there are always pros and cons depending on the situation and your preference. Before purchasing, it might be good to know the advantages and disadvantages rather than be informed only after you have bought the product. On a side note, of course, there are things yet to be discovered, but at least, you have the major fields covered with research even before you purchase.


  • Strong and durable – This material is good for indoor use and can last for a really long time. These rugs are also thicker than other natural fiber rugs. It can also be mixed with chenille so it becomes extra soft enough for kids to play on the floor.
  • Easy to clean – Jute rugs are relatively easy to clean. They may only require vacuuming in most cases.
  • Color matching – Jute fibers in their natural color fit in well with a lot of themes. Its colors match lots of colors and it contributes best to the natural feel of the room with its tan color.
  • Feels good – This rug feels good beneath the soles of your feet. And so, it’s ideal for indoor use, and it would not irritate your feet. Jute rugs can also be played on by kids as they are not rough, contrary to popular belief.
  • Budget-friendly – Jute rugs are relatively cheap and budget friendly. It offers quality and durability too.
  • There is a lot to choose from – Jute rugs come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Your choices are basically endless. You are free to choose any style you want, and you can even mix and match with a lot of elements!
  • Jute rugs are eco-friendly and made up of renewable resources.


  • The natural fiber involved in this rug is absorbent, so it is advised to not use it in places where it would probably be wet. Wetness can cause mildew, mold, and, worst of all, it can cause it to fall apart over time.Which means, a wet and damp environment can shorten the life span of this supposedly strong rug. This being said, making jute rugs as bathroom or welcome mats is not recommended.
  • It can easily accumulate dust on its bottom part, and it does not show up obviously on the surface.
  • If you like to steam-clean, this rug may not be compatible with your preference as the steam may contribute moisture to the rug that may cause it to break or produce mold.
  • This type of rug also does not allow spot cleaning or rug cleaners because it can stain, damage or compromise the rug’s natural tones.
  • It’s good to also be careful about letting the rug have too much sun exposure as it can fade the rug easily.

Jute Rugs: Questions and Answers

Do jute rugs shed?

Yes, they do. In fact, they shed more than other materials made of natural fibers. So, with their great qualities, jute rugs come with the twin responsibility of maintenance every now and then. Cleanliness is important, and keeping your rugs clean does not only mean longer-lasting rugs but also a safer environment.

Are jute rugs pet friendly?

While jute rugs are soft and good to feel, some pets are not compatible with their material. Dogs, for example, are very fond of gnawing, biting, and scratching, which can damage the fabric.

Is it okay to place jute rugs outside?

As mentioned earlier, they do not have much tolerance for warm and humid places. The moisture might create a buildup of mold and too much heat might pale the rug’s natural color.

How do you take care of jute rugs?

Cleanliness comes first in line, so it’s important to clean your jute rug regularly. If you use a beater bar, the cohesiveness of the jute strands will be destroyed over time. So, a beater bar is not advised for your jute rugs. Vacuuming on a regular basis will remove not just visible dirt and debris, but also fine dirt particles that lodge between the fibers and create extra wear.

Why buy jute rugs?

One of the reasons for buying jute rugs is their ability to contribute a natural feel and exotic look to your interior. Another reason is its soft texture, which makes you feel comfortable. They are also ideal for children and some pets. If you have kids inside the house and pets that do not gnaw on everything they step on, this type of rug is ideal for your home. These rugs are also eco-friendly, so you would also do nature a favor when you purchase jute rugs rather than the synthetic ones available on the market.

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