Wellness regime for COVID-19 patients – Dennis Begos shares useful tips


When it comes to COVID-19, no one wants to test positive! Yet many are falling prey to the virus through community transmission. There have been news updates about ways in which the virus affects the lungs and the immune system. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, like most others, you need to get into a home quarantine for 14 days and follow a strict medical protocol. But that doesn’t mean you can do all you want as soon as 14 days end. It is essential to maintain a wellness regime to recuperate well.

Dennis Begos shares essential wellness guidelines

The majority of the people who have suffered from COVID-19 have witnessed massive fatigue and weakness. If you read the testimonials online, you will get to know. Patients must maintain a basic wellness regime after the 14 days are over. Dennis Begos shares the necessary guidelines for the same. 


  • Keep taking the multi-vitamins


Most patients have expressed that the virus has taken a toll on their energy levels. Hence, for 14 days, you need to take the medicines that get prescribed to you. Once the 14 days are over, it is necessary to seek medical consultation to know your exact health condition. Most doctors suggest patients to take multi-vitamins and energy supplements to regain the lost energy. It also helps to balance the hormones and maintain optimum energy levels in the body.  


  • Mild exercise always helps


Once patients are through the virus infection, it is necessary to enhance their immune system. For that, it is essential to start a mild exercise. There’s no need for high-intensity workouts or fast aerobic movements right at the start. You can get to it gradually. However, you can start with mild exercises like Pilates or even walking in the morning or outside. It will help you to feel energized and will regulate your hormones as well. Physical activity will give the necessary agility to the body and will help the patients to recuperate better.


  • Eat well


The majority of patients have confessed a loss of smell and taste during the COVID virus infection. And even when you ere cured of this virus infection, it might take some time to get back your sense of taste and smell. While the sense of smell might return fast, you might face issues with your taste. However, it is necessary to consume the correct nutrients. For that, you need to consume an increased amount of vegetables and nuts. Your food platter needs to get loaded with healthy nutrients so that body gets the desired energy, and you recover fast.


  • Relax


When you think of getting affected by the virus, you automatically get stressed and anxious. However, it might take Wsometime for the mind to soothe and relax. It is essential to ensure that you relax so that your body can naturally heal and maintain its balance. It is necessary to sleep correctly and rest well.

No one wants to get affected by this dangerous virus. Yet if you are infected, there’s no escaping. It is necessary to follow the guidelines mentioned above so that you can recover fast and well.


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