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It wasn’t so long ago that hygge, the Danish concept of happiness, has taken the world by a storm. At least that’s what the media was reporting at the time. However, as it is with every trend, today the popularity of hygge is starting to vane. This might not be a major thing, but the fact is that it’s only the popularity of it that’s going down. The efficiency of implementing ‘hygge techniques’ to make your home and life happier remains unchanged. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to bring something beautiful, comforting, and infinitely soothing into your life, this might be the answer.

What Is Hygge and Why Can It Work for Everyone Today?

The first thing you need to understand about hygge is that it’s very difficult to define. It’s not so much a philosophy as it is a lifestyle. And this lifestyle is focused on achieving personal comfort and happiness through simple everyday things. In a way, one could compare it to mindfulness. However, whereas mindfulness is about grounding yourself in the moment, hygge is about focusing on small comforts to find inner peace.

When you look at it like this, it becomes easy to understand how the concept of hygge is closely linked to home design. Interiors and decorations that ooze coziness by Hibou Design Co,  candles that smell of comfort by Skandinavisk, and a ton of fluffy blankets on top create a fantastic representation of what hygge in your home is supposed to be.

Now focus on that image. This is the home where you can feel completely comfortable and just relax. Let go of all the stress, worry, and anxiety. The moment you do this, you will feel a happiness so deep, it can be overwhelming. This is exactly what hygge is about. It’s not some fashionable trend in design or a marketing trick aimed to boost candle sales. It’s something that can help you become a happier person through creating a home where you will be happy even on a bad day.

In case you doubt the actual efficiency of this, consider the latest World Happiness Report, which places Denmark, the place believed to be the origin of hygge, in the third place. It’s been near the very top of this list for years, standing close to its neighbors Norway and Finland. Note that hygge is very much a norm of life in both those places as well.

There can be only one conclusion to all this. Hygge works, so a bit of this Danish-themed transformation to your home can help you make it a cozier place and yourself a happier person.

3 Ways to Let Hygge into Your Home

  1. Add some fluff.
    Fluffy pillows and soft throw blankets and comforters should be present at every couch, bed, and armchair. Comfort is key to a hygge interior, and nothing provides quite as much of it as something that makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud. Enjoy some hot tea and a good book while wrapped in the softest of blankets and you’ll know exactly how ‘Danish happiness’ feels like.
  2. Use your candles.
    Today candles are very popular in décor, not necessarily one in hygge style. However, they are often relegated to the role of fancy sculptures to be admired, but not used. When you include candles in this type of interior, you need to light them up. In fact, spending an evening surrounded by friends and loved ones in the soft glow of candlelight is one of the staple hygge practices.
  3. Decorate with memories.
    Photos, children’s’ artwork, souvenirs from your travels, and small silly gifts from the friends of your youth, these are the best types of decorations for a hygge interior. It doesn’t matter how they look like as long as they invoke happy memories.

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5 years ago

You have written very well. In this post, you have given a great suggestion that brings happiness to our lifestyle and I hope that this article will help many people