Wedding stubbies: The return favour everyone seems to love!


Weddings are much more than joining hearts. It is a celebration of relationships, and wedding favours are the best way to give back to the people who enrich your life in their own way. 

Why go for a run of mill gift when you have our personalised stubby holders to carry your emotional connection in their anti-static and colourful exterior. 

Stubby holders might seem like an unusual gift at weddings, but imagine gifting something one would love carrying all year long. 

Customised stubby holders give you a blank canvas to personalise the way you want. It is your wedding…so have a blast! 

Customise it the way you want, and order any number of personalised stubby holders you like.

4 reasons why you need stubby holders at your wedding

Yes, we just cannot stop talking about our custom printed stubby holders! 

Our team came together for a meeting sipping cool drinks (with our stubby holders, of course!) and have found 4 great reasons why stubby holders are perfect for your wedding moments. 

  1. Destination wedding

We Australians love the outdoors, and most couples prefer having their weddings at sunny destination. 

Be it a beach or a vineyard, outdoorsy weddings are a lot of fun. But, when it is time for the sumptuous wedding feast, the wines and alcohol might not taste the same after sitting under the hot sun. 

Our stubby holders come in handy by sitting pretty on the drinks and ensuring that nobody’s drink goes warm. As they are made out of slip-resistant neoprene, breakages and spills are a thing of the past. 

  1. Replace place cards

Place cards make sure that your guests get the right guidance with regards to their sitting arrangement. 

But, they do cost a considerable amount of money to design and print place cards. Why not personalise our stubby holders with guest names, and make them double act as a placeholder and a return favour? 

They also make wonderful souvenirs for your guests to take home as a travel memory. Our custom printed stubby holders are versatile like that!

  1. Affordable and Lightweight

Our custom printed stubby holders can be personalised the way you want and are easy on your pockets. 

If you want a special stubby holder artwork to commemorate your wedding celebrations, our design team will make your design idea a perfect reality. 

As they look a million dollars at a fraction of that price and are beautifully lightweight, stubby holders are perfect return favours to make a cool impression (pun intended!)

  1. Reusable and Easy to clean

Our custom printed stubby holders can be used again and again. 

How cool is that?! As we use premium quality ink and state of the art printing technology, they are fade resistant and remain as good as new for years on end. 

Gifting a custom printed stubby holder to your wedding guests ensures that your wedding memories are fresh in their minds each time they cast eyes on the stubby holder. 

As they are crafted out of slip-resistant neoprene, they are easy to clean and dry

There, we have listed out why our custom printed stubby holders should be an integral part of your wedding moments! 

We are sure that you are going to love them as much as we do. 

Start designing your wedding stubbies

Get your wedding favours sorted in no time, by custom designing your wedding stubbies with Printyo. 

We have templates to choose from, but if you want your own ideas etched on our stubbies, we are game! 

Add your favourite photo/artwork/personalised messages, and leave the rest to our design team. 

They will make sure that all things are in order and generate a free preview for your approval. 

Once you are satisfied, we will print your wedding stubbies with attention to detail and precision. We ensure a perfect outcome and a quick dispatch. 

Place your order today! 

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