Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes for Your Next BBQ


Traditionally, meat is the star of the show when it comes to summer BBQs. When you choose not to consume meat or other animal products, it can be difficult to feel comfortable at an event where there are not many options for you to eat. Whether you are hosting or are asked to bring a dish, these healthy vegetarian options will give you delicious and flavorful dishes that will go to show that you don’t have to include meat in a menu in order for a meal to be filling and festive.


Packet-Roasted Vegetables

Packet roasting is a quick and easy grilling option that can be used for many different recipes. Choose your favorite vegetables and wrap them up in an aluminum foil packet with a little oil and vinegar. The individual-sized packets can be tossed directly on the grill rack and the heat will steam the vegetable while giving them a nice grilled taste at the same time. Try green beans and peppers with balsamic vinegar to use up your garden bounty using the recipe found on Delish’s list of 13 vegetarian BBQ recipes.


Grilled Salads

Salads can get pretty boring if you eat them all summer long, but you can easily kick up the flavor with the addition of some grilled vegetables. Grill some green, red, and yellow bell peppers and toss them with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and a zippy vinaigrette.  This salad tastes great atop a crusty crostini spread with goat cheese, but vegans will enjoy the salad all on its own.



Marinating large pieces of tofu is just as easy as marinating a steak or piece of chicken. Use your favorite marinade and let the tofu sit for up to eight hours to let the flavors absorb nicely. Once grilled, try topping the tofu with a fresh and crunchy chopped Mediterranean salad for another layer of flavor.



This versatile vegetable is a great substitute for meat entrees and can be seasoned in many different ways to recreate old favorites. Try grilling a thick disk of eggplant to use in place of a hamburger or coat it in breadcrumbs for a grilled version of eggplant parmesan. Making sandwiches on the grill is quick and easy, especially with eggplant as the basis. Paired with Portobello mushrooms and arugula, a grilled sandwich hits the spot without leaving you feeling too full or heavy, as other BBQ dishes often can.


Grilled Pizza

Putting together a grilled pizza is fast and easy, plus it allows you to get in a whole bunch of different vegetables all at once. Whether you prefer a whole wheat crust or even one made from cauliflower, raid your garden for fresh toppings like squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers. If your tomatoes are out of control, use them up and make your own healthy pizza sauce for an extra flavor boost for your pizza.

 Your grill is not reserved for steaks and burgers only. Almost anything you can think of can be grilled. Fruits and vegetables take on an incredible flavor that enhances their natural taste. No matter what recipe you use or come up with, your guests and hosts will certainly appreciate your ability to grill a healthy vegetarian dish that everyone can enjoy.  



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