Upgrade Your Living With These Simple But Stylish House Plans


Making a choice on your home’s design is important since it will affect how you live there. Modern home plans must incorporate a wide range of features, including multi-use rooms, open-plan living, smaller housing plans, multi-story homes, and perhaps even subterranean alternatives. Knowing where to start can be very difficult with so many choices out there.

Centrally located living room and three-bedroom floor plans

A centralized living area with bedrooms branching off in all directions best describes the core of the house. This sounds like a perfect home, along with a garage, three bathrooms, walk-in closets, and an outdoor patio. The Truoba 3-bedroom houses offer you a variety of house plans as well, that you can consider as alternatives. 

An elevated three-bedroom house

You would be shocked to find a single-level house in the inner city because numerous stories are so typical there. You should definitely consider having all of the bedrooms on a separate floor, away from the daily traffic in the house.

Modern yet simple floor plan

You’ll appreciate how simple it is to flow from the cooking area to the living area, which tends to make gathering a breeze. The first level has the master bedroom, while the second floor has the remaining bedrooms as well as a large family area and bar area. The patio also connects directly to the rooftop patio.

The farmhouse house plan never goes out of style

A farmhouse can be used for so many different things. You are greeted by the broad terrace as you enter the main room’s enormous entryway through the door. Even though they are out to the side, the dining room and kitchen are always close to the bustle.

A simple plan for a big house

If you want big, airy modern areas, you might want to have a look at this floor plan. A 2-bay parking spot may be found in the garage. A workshop space might be located in a separate area at the back of the garage. The house offers you 5 roomy bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a guest half bathroom. The two bedrooms above can serve as a TV room or a library, for example. The master suite is located on the main floor. A mechanical room, mudroom, laundry room, access stairs, and a lot of storage space are other features.

The other bedrooms are isolated on the second story. This can also be home to a loft that provides lots of natural light. A patio that would be ideal for a pool and seating area is waiting for you as soon as you enter the back porch.

To sum up

Modern floor designs all prioritize simple lines, geometric shapes, open floor plans, and a visually pleasant design flow in both internal and outside spaces, however, each one adds something special to the table. Modern house plans are known for their large windows and open-air interiors, which provide elegant and opulent living areas. 

Your opportunities for additional bedrooms or bathrooms if you want to optimize the size of the lot you’re going to construct on are not limited because modern home plans are extremely simple to adapt.

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