5 best-selling furniture in Bali Republic


Teak furniture has an appeal all its own. For instance, once finished, the tightly woven grain exudes a golden elegance as well as serving to resist stains and impact damage. Because it has a high-oil content, it is highly resistant to decay by pests, mold, or rot. In terms of durability, teak wood offers one of the highest tensile strengths of all woods. As such, it is the absolute best wood to make outdoor furniture. In fact, in terms of being a natural resource, it is nearly as durable as many metals in that metal rusts while teak wood can withstand moisture and oxidation for many years with no ill effect.

The only problem with teak wood is the time it takes to mature. For a tree to mature to its thickest width requires 2.5 decades of uninterrupted growth. Most trees do not receive the luxury of uninterrupted growth. As such, much teak wood is recycled or reconstituted. Because reconstituted wood will run out, teak furniture manufacturers release small loads of furniture, and this furniture, once released, sells fast. To obtain it, you sometimes have to pre-order because it sells so quickly. In terms of the bestselling types of furniture sold by Bali Republic, the following models go quickly. If you want teak furniture, you need to move fast.

  1. Kuta Outdoor Stackable Armchair

Durability and a compact design make this stackable armchair one of the most popular sellers on Bali Republic’s website. In fact, it is one of the chairs that must be pre-ordered often because each release sells quickly. Simply put, if you want one, two, or four of these chairs, you better plan on getting in line–now.

The chair is durable and ergonomically designed. It allows someone to comfortably relax, but it also allows for an upright posture. For superior comfort, you can order cushions. To make sure the cushions match your home’s decor, you can order them in any one of seven different colors.

Where most people get a folding chair that breaks or bends after a few seasons, you can enjoy the elegance of a chair that will potentially last decades.

  1. Kubu Outdoor Bench Seat 150

For couples wanting to relax together, talking about what to do for the remainder of the weekend, this outdoor bench is the perfect type of seating. At 150 cm in length, it can accommodate people of all sizes, and the high-back chair ensures firm posture support.

The golden color accentuates many home styles nicely, and the spaced planks in both the back and the seat offer excellent breathing capabilities to help keep you cool. Finally, you can order a long cushion for the seat to provide added comfort.

  1. Denpasar Sunlounger

There is nothing better for a relaxing morning than this reclining lounge chair. It offers multiple reclining angles, allowing you to sit up and read or lie back with your eyes protected by your favorite sunglasses. The rear casters allow for easy moving, and the sturdy braces ensure that once you position the chair, it will not slip.

The fabric offers superior breathing capabilities, which will ensure you remain cool, and the fabric can be ordered in any one of four pleasing colors.

– white

– yellow

– taupe

– black

  1. Seminyak Sunlounger

This lounging chair offers you all the stability of a metal recliner and all the beauty of, well, teak wood. The large metal casters on the headboard side of the chair allow you to lift the foot of the chair and roll it into position–often into the shade.

Once positioned, you can prop the chair’s back at various angles for maximum comfort. Of course, for added comfort, you can order a folding cushion that runs the entire length of the chair. Because the chair itself, measures 200 cm in length, it is guaranteed to meet the size requirements of just about anyone. This is an absolute bestseller, so quantities run low quickly. You should act soon to be put on a pre-order list.

  1. Uluwatu 10 Seat Outdoor Setting

This bestselling furniture set offers comfortable seating for up to 10 adults, making it perfect for large families or gatherings with your neighbors. Although it offers spacious seating for a large group of people, it has a very small footprint in that the benches and end chairs slide under the table for convenient storage.

Because these types of dining sets are often the primary focal point for outdoor dining, they must be sturdy. In terms of meeting your need for durability, the 10-seat outdoor set exceeds it. For instance, the teak is inter-laid with 304 steel, and the right angles are designed to support all the weight you can throw at it. Finally, the wood is precisely built into the steel, ensuring you do not pinch yourself or somehow loosen the wood from the metal.

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