Unusual Products That Lead To Unexpected Success


When it comes to products, there’s really no hard, fast rules of what should be able to sell and what shouldn’t. You never know if that weird idea for a product might actually turn out to be not so weird at all. With some thought, originality, and marketing from their inventors.

Here are 5 unique products that have surprisingly sold like hot cakes, making them a big hit!

1. Doggles

You might not know it, but apparently your dog needs a pair of doggles. Doggles are a cross between goggles and sunglasses for doggies. Some buyers marked them to have health benefits for dogs that have eye conditions. They come in trendy fashion designs with tinted lenses. By 2004, they were sold in 4,500 shops in 16 countries. Dog owners are only too happy to dish out anywhere between around $6 and $30 for a pair of doggles for their pooch.

2. Koosh ball

Invented by a father, in the late 80s, the ball was intended for practical use to be easy to hold, catch and throw for little tots and their little hands. Two years, after the initial thought, 50 million units were being sold. The name of the ball, ‘Koosh’ was chosen because it’s sort of the sound you hear when you catch the ball. When the original company was sold in 1994, they were making $30 million.

3. The Man Card (Beer bottle opener)

This beer bottle opener, in the shape of a card, has got the mix of masculinity and classiness written all over it. It’s small enough to fit into a wallet and tough enough to open those sealed caps. The Manly Man Company claims that “each MAN CARD is individually serialized and packaged in a stylish black sleeve.” This is one of the traits that makes it so appealing and unexpectedly successful, as it plays to an exclusivity that all people love to have!

4. Man candle

Sometimes an idea for a product is literally right under your nose. When a 15-year-old boy noticed the girly scents of candles his sister was getting ready for a school fundraising event, it hit his young entrepreneur’s mind, why aren’t there candles with manly scents? Using the money he earned from a newspaper route, the man candle came into being with scents of coffee, fresh cut grass, and pizza to mention a few. The business grew so big, that 2 years later he had to rent a warehouse and start employing people.

5. Foldable water bottle

Plastic water bottles are a pain and take up space when you’re traveling or camping and hiking. Plus, some areas are moving quickly to ban them due to the ecological harm that they cause. These collapsible bottles are reusable, helping you save money while the inventors earn well deserved big money.

Why didn’t I think of that?

You probably have or thinking now of a grand idea. There will always be new products, no matter what they are. True, many unique product ideas barely make it off the ground, and it’s a process of trial and error sometimes. But you never know when a product can take an unexpected turn to become a hot seller.

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