Help is on the Way: What is it about the Worsted Weight Yarn that is Making it Popular


Knitting and crocheting is not always the easiest of hobbies but the gratification of making something from scratch can be quite rewarding. Here, we talk about worsted weight yarn, a material that would probably become your best friend in your crocheting and knitting escapades. If I was to make a comparison, think of worsted weight yarn as the world class division champion in boxing off to knock out the pretenders one by one. While other types of yarn can be difficult to work with and seem like a time consuming act to simply just get started, the worsted weight yarn will let you depend on it as if it was a wall that you can lean on every time. Even the most attractive of the chunky yarns, or the sport weight yarns fails to reach the level of attachment that you are going to develop with your worsted weight yarn. So, how well do you know your yarn best friend? Is it enough to start using the best yarn to its utmost potential. Let us try to find out if how your bond with the worsted weight yarn is going to hold up.

How it all began

As with every friendship, everything starts with a meeting. But now we talk about the how the friendship could even possibly exist. And that is, by way, of course, of its inception. Despite five seventh of the word “worsted” being worst, it is quite far from it. In fact, it is not even close to how this wonderful yarn has got its name. A quaint little place in the old world England is Worstead, is where the worsted weight yarn was invented. Time passed, and new generations carried on the old one’s legacy and the name started morphing into “worsted”. In the 12th century, you could say that Worstead was the heart of the yarn world. All of facturing fiber, both yarn and cloth were centered in the same place and was ripe with promise of producing the next big thing of the century. Today however, the place no longer resembles the majesty it once created. But not before granting the world the promise of having the best yarn to work with.

It is Time to Get Busy

The weight of the yarn puts it in a category of medium weight as categorized by the good people of Craft Yarn Council of America. You can confirm this by going out for a few yarns and noticing a symbol that bears the Craft Yarn Council of America logo and a number that simply reads 4. This is essentially how you know you have got your hands on one of worsted weight yarns.

If you have a wide imagination, and a lot of worsted weight yarn to pair with, you could just create a world of knitting and crocheting. This is because there is absolutely no limit into what you can do with the magical yarn. Some of the worsted weight Yarn are made from either nylon or, getting more common nowadays, acrylic. Some are even made in the more knit friendly cozy alpaca.

It is absolutely a delight to work with the worsted weight yarn. It is quite easy to use in when trying out new ways to new techniques in stitching because, not only does the weight make it light to work with, it also lets you see the stitch definition which is not as viable using other types of weight yarns. A quick tip if you are new to using this fabulous yarn is to choose a lighter color. This way, you can directly see what you are doing when you are crossing it with the darker colored ones and you can stop terrible things from happening right before it happens. This is nifty trick that should be easy to learn and can be used in working with any set of yarns.

And like most of the weight yarns available in the market right now, you can simply swap the yarn with another as you see fit. This allows for flexibility that would otherwise not be available when using a different weight yarn. And since you cannot cross a yarn shop and not see a boatload of these magnificent worsted weight yarn, you will have all the choices in yarn that you can ever think of. This is one of the huge reasons why this yarn stands out and why knitters and crocheters are falling in love with it.

Some Patterns that You can Work with

  • Empalme Cowl – Is it not just fabulous to knit a cowl that has the texture that feels like it was wrapped with cotton clouds. Try working a few patterns of stockinette stitches and trinity stitches and unlock the worsted weight yarns full cowl potential.
  • Mug Coaster Cozy – Is it a coaster or is it a cozy? Why exactly can’t it be both? If your loved one values convenience and prefers not to change his/her get up every five minutes, this would make for the perfect gift.
  • Fancy slipper boots – Since the worsted weight yarn can be quite sturdy. It can be patterned into a yarn boot that will not soak up dirt. Because it is light and breathable, you will not have to feel like you are dragging mud as you walk. And it is not made of boring rubber so you can blend in any style that you want.


There are so many things that you can do in knitting this yarn favorite. Think of all the cowls and mug cozies that will round up your autumn look as the red leaves start to fall. It is not just durable as linen, but is easily washable too. And because it is quite the versatile, you can make all the kinds of patterns that you can think of. Write your name with it, do floral patterns, even sophisticated and advanced ones like school logos, or sport badges. The imagination is truly the limit when knitting or crocheting with this absolute delight.

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