Ultimate Christmas Storage for after the Holidays!


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When you think of the Holidays, you think of the time you take to put everything together, and how beautiful it looks when done.  Well, what about clean up?  With the Ultimate Christmas Storage Container, your clean up will be super easy.

We have the Ultimate Christmas Storage for our bulbs, and other odd shaped ornaments, and we love it.  Been using it since last year.  The boxes are beautiful, and you can store just about anywhere.  Sarah said she can’t wait to decorate this year, and it will be easier, now that we have this great storage box.  Sarah, and Jacob, just have to take the ornaments out of the storage container, and add them to the tree.  The don’t have to worry about all the unwrapping the gifts, because they are in just a container.  The Ultimate Christmas Storage has the divided area between each ornament, so all that extra wrapping is in the past.


There’s more than just Christmas storage though, there’s storage for everyday items.  This is so great.  Stuff I don’t use everyday can go in this container, and I can just take them out when needed.  For example, I have an abundance of cards (birthday, sympathy, etc), now I have a place to keep them all.  When I forget someone’s special day, or need any card, I have easy access to get to the cards.

The supplies are pretty amazing as well.  You can put the paper around the ornament, if you are afraid it will break.  I don’t use it though.  I just put the ornaments in the box, and they haven’t broken.

We offer the first and only line of Archival, Acid-Free Ornament Storage boxes, Acid-Free Packing Supplies, and Storage solutions. We have been producing high-quality, archival ornament storage boxes for over 15 years with the same objective – to help protect holiday collectibles and precious family heirlooms. Our storage system features easily adjustable compartments and removable trays that make customizing your ornament storage boxes a breeze.

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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