Types of Services to expect from Funeral Homes


Funeral homes, commonly known as mortuaries, have the facilities, staff, and equipment required to help a family commemorate the deceased’s life. They are tasked with taking care of the body of the dead. For a funeral home to operate legally, it must be licensed by the relevant regulatory organization. Depending on the county they are operating in, different departments regulate the operations of a funeral home. In the US, for example, funeral homes are subject to FTC regulations that moderate the funeral industry. The Federal Trade Commission is designed to help protect you as a consumer from the pressure of purchasing items you don’t require. It is an organization that helps ensure funeral homes are providing transparent pricing and meet quality standards. 

Funeral homes handle the many activities that go into taking care of a deceased person. They have the facilities and equipment needed to do so. Besides, they make arrangements for memorial and funeral services. Funeral homes are pivotal in organizing a funeral service. Today, most people prefer working with funeral homes when they lose a loved one. This article discusses the various services offered by a funeral home and their importance.

Services Offered in a Funeral Home

The services offered in one funeral home don’t differ much from those provided in another. It is the standards and levels of quality that may differ significantly. It is important to note that how a funeral home is managed mainly depends on the level of services it offers. It is why it is crucial to choose a funeral home that offers high-quality services. From a different perspective, the services provided by a funeral home depend on the plan you choose. Some funeral homes have numerous plans that cost varyingly. 

Discussed below are the services offered by a funeral home.

Burial Service Management

It is a service that Incorporates various assignments. They need in-depth analysis and planning to be implemented successfully. The funeral home leases or directs the people who will be involved in the burial or cremation ceremony. These individuals include religious figures, cemetery attendants, morgue servants, among others. As part of the funeral service, the funeral home might provide a chapel for the ceremony. However, in most cases, people prefer using their chapel, depending on their preferences or the deceased. 

A private visiting room is also part of the burial services. A funeral home provides it, creating a private environment where friends and relatives can pay their last respects. In most cases, this event happens a few days before the main burial service. Many families don’t conduct this ceremony in cases where friends to the deceased come from far away. 

Furthermore, funeral homes provide the services of embalming the deceased, allowing the body to be preserved if an open casket is required. In the embalming process, the deceased blood is replaced with chemicals and dye. Most families prefer an open casket because it allows friends and relatives to see the deceased before laying them in their final resting place. For such activities, a private room is usually used. If you are looking for a funeral home that offers this service, you need to go for one that you can afford. Today, there exists a wide range of funeral homes with different prices. The pricing of the services depends on the quality. It is why it is essential to research before settling on one. It also makes the entire process easier and straightforward.

Cremation Services

Cremation refers to a type of funeral service that funeral homes provide if asked. For this purpose, most funeral homes have a crematorium or work in partnership with a crematorium. If a family prefers this method to a chapel, then a memorial service is held in the crematorium. 

Types of Cremation

Funeral homes conduct different types of cremation. Discussed below ate the most common types.

  • Traditional service cremation: This is the highest cost of cremation. This type of cremation involves the activities of both traditional funeral service and cremation. It includes a casket rental and embalming. Cremation is only performed after the funeral service is held. After that, the ashes are handed over to the family, which will decide what to do later.
  • Cremation with memorial service: With this type of cremation, the cremated remains don’t have to be present during the service. It is done to honour the life and memories of a loved one, which is done in a funeral service. 
  • Direct cremation ( cremation without ceremony): With this type of cremation, there is no ceremony involved. The deceased’s body is cremated shortly after death; embalming, viewing, or visitation is not engaged. 
  • Cremation with body donation to science: If a family chooses to donate the body to science, cremation is offered as part of the no-cost program. It is important to note that cremation is part of the body donation process. With extensive preparation of tissues, the body needs to be cremated for the required scientific outcome. It is a rarely chosen option by families, as they prefer remaining with their loved ones.

Burial Services

Several funeral homes offer a memorial service known as the prepaid funeral. In this service, you have the chance to visit the burial service site before death and assess your needs and requirements. You can point out what you want and what you are not comfortable.

As much as most people resent the idea, the idea of a prepaid funeral has become so common. Most individuals argue that it gives them genuine peace of mind that their family won’t bear the weight of planning a funeral. There are several prepaid funeral plans that one can choose. It is upon the individual to decide which plan they are comfortable with depending on your budget and requirements. 

Prepaid funeral plans are relatively cheaper compared to post-paid plans. With the price of funerals increasing rapidly, you can opt to sort it out with the prepaid plan.

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