Trying to Look Awesome: 10 Reasons Why We Love Fine Jewelry


Since the beginning of time, and all through the ages, humans have always been fascinated with precious stones. Whether it is a lapis lazuli, a diamond or even an emerald, this fascination seems to cut across people from all the continents in the world.

Statistics show that the jewellery market in China and the US together has generated over 150 billion dollars in 2016 alone, and from all indications, it is expected to keep rising every year. The figure from the statistics brings clarity and credence to this point: we love jewellery and we will continue to spend money to possess these fine and expensive stones.

But why do we love fine jewellery? Why are we very much ecstatic about these fine pieces of nature that come in beautiful packages and even premium maintenance? We’ll be briefly discussing them below.

It completes most outfits.

No matter the kind of outfit you’re wearing for a gala night, a wedding or even a date, it isn’t complete without adorning that special stone that will make all the difference. There are pieces of jewellery that go with almost any piece of clothing you choose to wear.

For example, diamond earrings or even a pearl necklace can provide the finishing touch to fitted jean pants and a loose button-up blouse. A low-hanging fringe necklace can be a wonderful addition for a fun outing with friends.

These fine stones do not only help make your outfit ‘whole’, but they are also a necessity for that beautiful dress. Wearing different pieces of jewellery with the same dress can help you achieve multiple transformations every time!

It can be formal…or not.

Against popular opinions, fine jewellery is not only worn on important occasions; they can be worn casually to the office, school, just anywhere. If you own a couple of pearl studs, you can wear them to where your day-to-day activity is done, or adorn them formally to a wedding. The versatility of fine jewellery cannot be overstated here.  

There’s a jewellery for every occasion.

Whether you need to get a gift for a friend or loved one’s birthday or to celebrate an academic or professional achievement, there’s a piece for jewellery to satisfy that need. It is important to point out that a lot of these jewellery comes in a variety of colours and styles, making them appropriate for any occasion.

It can be customized.

Say, for instance, there’s a fine piece of jewels you’re fascinated with but the shape doesn’t cut it for you? Well, guess what? One of the most amazing reasons why we love beautiful jewellery is because it can be customized to your personal specifications. There are people who are skilled with making sure your desired jewel is unique—carving it to the right shape, getting the right adjustable chains and all—to match your needs.

It can be fixed if broken.

When you own a set of jewels and due to an unfortunate occurrence, they get broken, you don’t have to replace them by purchasing new ones. Jewels, as long they can be customized, can also be fixed. There are jewel repairs shops you can take those broken pieces to be repaired. The fun part is that, not only can they be repaired, but they can be modified with additional features—all to your unique specifications.

Every jewel has a story.

Fine jewellery is a lovely conversation starter if you’re in a strange gathering. Your jewellery will draw people to you who would compliment you by saying; “Oh, that’s a fine piece of jewellery.” Or “That piece accentuates your beauty.” Or something to that effect. You can use that opportunity to talk about the history of your precious stone and why you were motivated to possess it. That’s the lovely thing about jewellery: they all have an origin—some quite different from the others—and you can exploit this detail in connecting with others who are interested in having a conversation with you.

It is a good memory reminder.

Have you ever unlocked your drawer or an old box and found a jewel that was gifted to you by someone? How exactly did it make you feel? Happy? Nostalgic?

Fine jewels do not just have an origin, they help commemorate the special moments, the special steps you take in life.

Wedding, anniversary and engagement rings and bands are celebrations of beautiful moments through life. That’s why when these precious stones—heirlooms—get passed down to the next generation, it is always accompanied with an instruction to particularly take care of it. Because it isn’t just a piece of expensive jewellery anymore; it is now a memory.

It is universal.

Across all the cultures and traditions of the world, jewels are a constant. From the coasts of Africa to the sands and dunes of the middle east, to Europe, America and Asia, you’d find people who love and wear these wonderful pieces of nature.

It feels good.

Apart from the fact that fine jewellery is beautiful to behold, they also feel good when we run our hands over them. The mere gesture of touching a piece sitting on your neck and caressing your skin surely evokes a wonderful feeling that you’re wearing something special and would make you feel good about yourself.

It is a form of self-expression.

Jewels do not just accentuate the outfit you put on to an event. They help others understand you better. This is because fine jewels are not just a part of our accessories or our clothing, they are a part of our personality. For every time you wear jewellery, it becomes less of an item and more of you. For instance, you cannot mention Elizabeth Taylor without dedicating a line to her wonderful collection of jewels, because it was a part of her signature look.

From what you’ve read above, you can see why we love beautiful jewels and why they’re not just part of the outfit we wear when going out or staying in for an event.

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5 years ago

My favorite stones are topaz and aquamarine 😉

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