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Whether you are planning a summer getaway, or your annual family holiday, keep reading on for some travel tips that might take some of the stress away from traveling and let you have a great travel experience.

Whether you’re going to Tenerife or Trafalgar in Australia there are a few things you can keep in mind that should let the traveling process run much smoother and allow you to avoid any nasty surprises when you get to your destination. If you are traveling by air there a few things to remember when booking flights.

  • Look out for deals at the start of the week. Flights are likely to be more expensive towards the end of the week when business travel is more common. For this reason airlines may lower prices temporarily at the start of the week.
  • Remember to shop around when looking for flights. If one airline offers a reduced offer on a flight, rival airlines may try to undercut another airline allowing you to snap up a quick deal.
  • If you are opting to use Low Cost airlines, be sure to check how close your destination is from the airport you will be landing at. In some cases you might find you land much further away from your destination than if you’d used standard airlines. For this reason it is important to consider the cost of getting from the airport to where you are staying.
  • Where possible, try to remain flexible with your flight dates. This is one of the best ways to get a good deal on your flights. Staying flexible with dates will allow you to grab some great last minute deals as and when they come up.
  • Know the difference between Non-Stop and Direct flights. Where possible you should try and book a Non-Stop flight, as the name suggests these flights are direct to your chosen destination. Direct flights however are not as direct as they sound, direct flight can stop at airports along the way, this may not take much more time than a non-stop flight but there is the possibility of delays when you land at these airports which may have an impact on your flight. So where possible non-stop flights should be your preference if you want to avoid any potential delays.
  • If you’re not traveling alone, you might consider cross-packing with the other person so that in the eventuality that either of your baggage is lost you will still have enough clothes of your own to get by.

These tips are not limited to flights however there are plenty of tips to be had to help you when you reach your destination.

  • It is useful to make a few copies of your passport and keep them in a safe place. If you have access to a safe where you are staying you can put the copies in there. This can also be useful for any important information or documents you have such as credit cards or insurance information. Making copies of these documents such as your passport will allow you to get them quickly re-issued at the nearest embassy much quicker than you would be able to without providing any personal information.
  • If you are planning on staying in a hotel and are looking for a good deal on a room, you may benefit from contacting the hotel directly and inquiring into whether they have had any cancellations, if there has been a recent cancellation some hotels may be able to offer you a good deal on that room.
  • Try to avoid using cash when abroad, where possible try to use travelers checks or the local ATM to get the cash you need for the day.
  • If you are planning to hire a car on your holiday it is sensible to advance book with the company. You may find however that the prices are cheaper once you get there, so that’s something to consider when looking hiring a car.
  • If you require any medication, make sure to enough if not slightly more than you need with you. You can never be sure on overseas restrictions on medication so it is usually better to come prepared.
  • If you need the use of your mobile phone when on holiday. Make sure to contact your network provider to ensure you have an overseas package that will help you to otherwise avoid overseas charges, and ensure you have network coverage at your destination.

That concludes this quick tips guide to travel, if you follow a few of these tips it should help to make your journey much less stressful and let you relax and enjoy your holiday the way you intended.


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