The Top 3 Ways That You Can Recover Your Hard Drive After a Computer Crash


Most people panic when their computer crashes. They feel devastated as a result of the data loss that ensues. However, there are a few measures you can implement to recover your hard drives as soon as your computer crashes. It’s much better to deal with the problem head on rather than postponing the issue to a later date.

Recovering files and folders that have been lost after a computer crash isn’t complicated. However, it needs to be approached with the attention and swiftness that it deserves.

Here are the top 3 ways to recover your hard drive after a computer crash:

  1. Using hard drive recovery software

There are a myriad of hard drive recovery software you can use to restore your lost hard drives. One good example is the Mini Tool Power Data Recovery Software. It offers an excellent solution for recovering lost partitions, deleted files and digital media as well. It also repairs damaged partitions. Another exquisite software is the Stellar Data Recovery Software. Apart from recovering lost partitions and files, this software is compatible with all Windows versions. It also has a wide variety of perks, like its ability to look for lost data in specific folders.

The hard drive recovery software you choose should be quick and user-friendly. Software with complicated interfaces are difficult to navigate and could cause you great disappointments. So when picking the right software to recover your hard drives, choose one that you can easily maneuver. If you are having a hard time yourself you can always contact a company that specializes in data recovery services

  1. Run the CHKDSK command to repair corrupted partitions

Sometimes, internal errors and bad sectors can cause your hard disk to get corrupted. However, there’s a unique “check disk” command you can run on your computer to fix the issue of a corrupted hard disk. If you use Windows OS, all that’s required is to press WIN + X and then select the option of Command Prompt (Admin). Clicking ‘Yes’ will then launch your PC’s command prompt as Administrator.

To check for the errors in your corrupted hard drive, simply type chkdsk on the command prompt and click ‘Enter’. Also, type chkdsk D: /f/r/x to fix the corrupted drive. The letter D points to the corrupted hard drive. Simply follow the prompt, type yes and click ‘Enter’ when you get a request to restart the PC.

  1. Get professional help

More often than not, any attempt to personally recover lost hard drives – even with the help of the most comprehensive directives – barely bears any fruit. So rather than wasting too much time trying to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem, try seeking help from professional data recovery experts. There’s a wide array of data experts who can help restore your lost hard drives, all at a favorable price. But before indulging yourself, conduct a little research and try to unearth potential data recovery experts who have an admirable track record. The Computer Fixperts, for instance, are experienced data recovery professionals who are extremely good at their job. They can offer you delightful hard drive recovery services as well as some helpful tips once you contact them.

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