Top 10 Baby Bags In 2020


When planning and preparing for a newborn, every decision counts – no less the baby bag to select, as this will serve you for many days to come. The last hustle you need when leaving the house with your baby is juggling with fitting all necessary items into the baby bag. Making the right pick will give you peace of mind. You will not have to worry or think about this purchase again for a very long period, maybe until such a time that you won’t need it anymore. Who knows? If it’s a perfect and durable one, you might still use it for baby number two. 

So, let’s get down to the selection!

  • LeQueen Nappy Bag

With a smart, organised system and detached storage pockets, you can comfortably take all the essential items both you and your little tot needs. It has a front zip compartment with three insulated bottle holders to keep the baby’s milk and other drinks fresh. Designed for a multifunctional purpose, you can use this bag as a backpack or handbag.

Made of polyester fabric that has water repellent treatment, your stuff remains safeguarded from getting wet. Muddles or spills can easily be wiped without having to worry of stains. Because the bags are available in different colours, you won’t miss a perfect choice for your baby girl, baby boy or, should you need a unisex colour, that too is covered. You can check out some available options on bubs warehouse baby clothing

  • Lekebaby Diaper Tote bag

Lekebaby Diaper Tote bag is a lightweight, affordable bag made of nylon that has seven insulated small-sized interior pockets with four pockets on the exterior and an additional two for bottles on both sides. It also has straps that you can use to hook it onto a stroller. Lekebaby Diaper Tote comes with a changing mat as well.

  • JuJuBe BFF Convertible Diaper Bag

JuJuBe BFF Convertible Diaper sports a unique design that offers plenty of storage space with a large interior pocket and nine small ones. The bag is lined with antimicrobial fabric that protects against mould, mildew and bacteria? What better assurance of hygienic protection for your baby’s stuff? Now you know. Only be cautious, it can get heavy when full.

  • Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag

Getting twins? Then this is the bag for you. It’s suitable for twins and attaches only to a double stroller. With its 16 pockets, you don’t have to worry about accommodating all the indispensable items you need for your two little munchkins. The two outside pockets make your baby bottles easily accessible without necessarily having to disorient your interior bag in a frantic search for them. 

The removable shoulder straps design gives you the option to either carry it as a messenger bag or tote bag.

  • Multifunctional Backpack Baby Bag

This backpack from warehouse nappy bags is perfect for travel and moving about when you need your hands freed up for other more important things such as taking care of baby, pushing the stroller or even shopping. It boasts of a design that evenly distributes the weight across your back and relieves your shoulders of any burden. What’s more, the unisex look can allow your partner to easily carry it on your behalf without looking over his shoulder in embarrassment. 

  • SoHo Diaper Luxury Diaper Bag Set

One striking thing about SoHo Diaper Luxury Diaper Bag Set is its classy, luxurious look. It cannot go unnoticed – it’s a show-stealer. It’s a seven-piece set with insulated pockets and comes in multiple colours. The openings are superfluously wide to allow you to have an easy view of the inside.

It comes with a changing pad, and has straps can be hooked to a stroller to make you hands-free. 

  • Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue

Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue has a reputation for its durability, courtesy of its quality and make. The bag sports a polyester interior that makes its inside easy to clean in case of any mess. the material also protects it from leaking. It also comes with a sizeable changing pad, meaning you can tick that off your budget. The bag has a removable strap, which you can use to carry it. This feature provides different and easier ways of taking along your diaper bag.

  • COCOCKA Travel diaper bag

Travelling, especially with a toddler, can be hectic. It, therefore, needs a lot of planning. You might find yourself packing suitcases upon suitcases of your child’s items, making your journey more tedious. This bag is the multifaceted kind that you’ll need for all your vacation travels. It acts as a bassinet, changing station and a travel crib hence saving you the hustle of having to carry all those bulky things around. It has a proper USB port, so you’re sure your phone won’t go off any time during your travel. When not in use, it can fold up to fit into a small space.

  • KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack boasts of 15 pockets, meaning you can never run out of space whenever you want to pack all your kid’s necessities, and yours too. Three of its pockets are insulated to ensure your child’s drinks remain at a suitable temperature. The bag is made from durable and robust cloth so you can be sure it’ll serve you for the longest time. It is also a lightweight, making it apt for travelling.

  • Mancro Diaper Backpack

Mancro Diaper Backpack has a compartment to hold your laptop and books, making it the most appropriate bag for you if you want to work while outside with your baby. It sports two insulated pockets to keep your baby’s milk at the desired temperature and also has side pockets to hold diapers and wipes for easy accessibility. It also has stroller straps so you can attach it to the stroller if you get tired of carrying it around.

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