Too Much CBD? How to Find the Right Dosage


Over the course of the last few years, millions of Americans have started to incorporate CBD products into their daily lives. In fact, studies have shown that about 15% of people are using some form of CBD at this time.

Would you like to give it a try? If so, you should consider starting by picking up a bottle of CBD oil. You can take it in so many ways and experience the benefits of it.

If you’ve never used CBD before, though, you might be worried about taking too much CBD at once. It can be a little bit tricky to nail down the correct CBD dosage when you aren’t sure how your body will react to it.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a surefire answer to the question, “How much CBD should I take?”, since everyone reacts to it a little bit differently. But you can figure out how much CBD to take through the use of trial and error.

Here is how to determine how much CBD you should be using with each CBD dose.

Begin by Starting Off With Small CBD Dosages

Before you can start taking CBD oil, you’ll need to pick up a bottle of it for yourself. You want to make sure that you’re using a high-quality CBD oil, so you should purchase it from a reputable CBD seller.

You can find some of the best CBD oil on the market today on They have CBD oils for seniors, athletes, and more.

Once you have a bottle of CBD oil in your home, you should start things off by using small CBD doses. At first, you’ll only want to take about 10 milligrams of CBD oil at a time.

Your CBD oil should come with a dropper that makes it simple to measure out small CBD doses. It’s better to start small when it comes to CBD dosages and build up from there.

Increase Your CBD Dosages Gradually Over Time

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not necessarily going to feel CBD oil working right away. CBD will not produce the “high” feeling that you get when you use marijuana, despite what you may have heard.

But over time, you should start to experience some of the benefits that come along with using CBD. CBD can:

  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Eliminate feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Clear up acne
  • Improve heart health

If you find that you’re not experiencing any of these benefits, it could very well mean that you’re not taking in enough CBD in your current doses. You’ll want to slowly increase your CBD dosages until you start to see some of the CBD benefits come to light.

Keep a Journal Detailing How You Feel as You Up Your CBD Dosages

As we mentioned a moment ago, CBD isn’t something that’s going to produce immediate results. You’re not going to take it once or twice and start to feel pain relief right away. You have to take it over a long period of time to really see what it’s all about.

For this reason, you should get into the habit of documenting your CBD journey. You should start a journal detailing how you feel and what differences you notice when you increase your CBD dosages.

You might not feel all that different on a day-to-day basis when using CBD. But over the weeks, months, and, eventually, years, you should start to notice differences in the way that you look and feel when you use CBD.

By keeping a journal, you’ll be able to land on your sweet spot as far as how much CBD you should be using. You won’t have to be too concerned about taking too much CBD when you take the slow and steady approach to increasing your CBD dosages and monitor how these increases affect you.

Speak With Your Doctor About How Much CBD You Should Be Using

Any time you start taking a new medication or a new supplement, you should always talk to your doctor about it. They can let you know whether or not the medication or supplement is going to interfere with other medications and supplements you might be taking.

A lot of doctors are still hesitant about recommending CBD to their patients since it’s not technically approved by the FDA yet. But more and more of them are coming around to the idea of suggesting that their patients use it.

As long as your doctor is on board with you using CBD, they can assist you in finding the right CBD dosage based on your body type. They can also talk to you about when to take CBD, how to take it, and more.

Try Not to Worry Too Much About Taking Too Much CBD

One of the best parts about taking CBD is that it’s pretty much impossible for a person to take too much CBD at once. There have been studies done that have found that you would need to consume multiple bottles of CBD oil at one time for it to have a negative impact on you.

With this in mind, you don’t have to worry too much about taking too much CBD from a health standpoint. But you should show some concern for how much CBD you’re using every day so that you don’t end up spending a small fortune on CBD oil.

Start Taking Advantage of the Benefits of CBD Today

Have you thought about using CBD? You should consider giving it a try today so that you can see what all the hype is about.

Pick up a bottle of CBD oil and work towards finding the right CBD dosage. By starting small and building your CBD doses up, you can steer clear of using too much CBD and find your sweet spot in no time.

Would you like to learn about some of the other things you should keep in the back of your mind when buying CBD for the first time? Browse through the articles on our blog to get more great advice on CBD.

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