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Pregnancy is a unique gift to females and every woman wishes to have a healthy baby. Mothers tend to sacrifice to meet their children’s need and so is a woman’s body during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, your baby demands essential nutrients and your body automatically gives these essential nutrients to your baby. This is why healthy eating habits and intake of necessary vitamins and nutrients, is vital for a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy can trigger a lot of anxiety in a woman. However, a proper plan, a thorough guidance from your doctor and a few effective tips to stay healthy and fit can make your pregnancy a pleasant experience.

Tips to Have a Healthy Pregnancy:

A Healthy Diet: Since, childhood we have been told about the importance of balanced diet. This is again recalled during pregnancy. However, what is a balanced diet for you and which particular vitamins and minerals should be included in diet to have a healthy pregnancy has to be discussed with your doctor.

Focus on foods which are rich sources of folic acid, iron, omega3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and protein. These nutrients are vital for proper growth and development of the fetus. Concentrate on organic diet that is focus on including fresh fruits and vegetable in your regular diet.

Get Your Thyroid Checked: Thyroid disorders are common in pregnant women in the United States. Thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause miscarriages or improper growth of a baby. Thus, you should get your thyroid checked in regular intervals during pregnancy.

Be Hydrated and Drink a Lot of Fluid: Being hydrated is important during pregnancy to stay healthy. Drink lots of water, nourishing fruit juices, and non-fat milk. Constipation in a common complaint during pregnancy and drinking adequate fluids can prevent it. Also, fluids will expand the blood volume in your body and facilitate oxygen supply to your body and the fetus.

Regular Exercise: Though vigorous exercise is not allowed during pregnancy, but light and regular exercise can help in keeping your body healthy and fit during pregnancy. Exercises can facilitate muscle strengthening and blood circulation. After a long day sitting at a desk, exercise can boost your energy level. Walking or prenatal fitness classes can be best fitness routines during pregnancy.

Get Adequate Sleep: Sound and adequate sleep is required to every individual, and especially during pregnancy. If you are conceiving, aim to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. It is also important that you sleep in a proper position. Sleeping on a side facilitates blood flow and avoids swelling.

Give Up Alcohol and Smoking: Drinking alcohol and smoking can cause irreversible birth defects or miscarriages. Also, drinking caffeine beverages such as coffee and tea are harmful for pregnancy. Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine drinks or smoking during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a crucial period for a would-be mother and the baby. Many women face several challenges during pregnancy. Following the above given tips will ensure that while you are pregnant, you have the least challenges to face and also the guidelines will alleviate the common discomforts during pregnancy.

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