Tips to Get Cisco CCNA Wireless Certification with PrepAway Practice Tests


Overview of Cisco CCNA Wireless Certification

Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless certification is an associate level certification which provides knowledge and skills to design, implement and assist wireless LAN and to those networks who use the Cisco equipment. The demand for Cisco Wireless technology on a network increases day by day. The CCNA Wireless course includes the information to configure, implement and support Cisco Wireless LAN. The CCNA Wireless objective is to make understand the basic fundamentals of wireless networks, manage troubleshooting and maintenance of a wireless network.

Getting Cisco CCNA Wireless Certification

Any valid CCIE, Cisco CCENT or CCNA Routing and Switching certification can act as a prerequisite and achieved through PrepAway Practice test questions. The 200-355 WIFUND is the exam through which one can get the Cisco CCNA Wireless certification. This exam tests the student’s knowledge of Radio frequency and technology’s installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and managing the small and medium size wireless networks.

  • Cisco CCNA Wireless certification is an associate level certification.
  • One has to register themselves with the Pearson VUE to appear in the exam.
  • The exam paper includes 60-70 questions.
  • 90-minutes duration is allowed to candidates for the exam.

Implementing Cisco Wireless network fundamentals (WIFUND) training is recommended to study for the Cisco CCNA Wireless certification. The course is basically designed for technical management experts of Cisco wireless solutions which includes installation, configuration, operation and troubleshooting of wireless networks.

Tips to Pass the 200-355 WIFUND Exam to Get Cisco CCNA Wireless Certifications


It is a platform which provides preparation material to pass the 200-355 exam. The material covers the entire syllabus recommended by the Cisco for implementing Cisco Wireless network fundamentals certification exam. This exam dumps materials are efficient and are updated after any changes made by the Cisco made available by PrepAway Practice Test with fast updates.

Cisco WIFUND guide

It is Cisco Wireless fundamental guide that includes all the topics that are covered in the exam. It provides very detailed knowledge about the topics and includes the questions paper that helps in preparing for the exam. It gives details regarding the syllabus of exam, online exam practices, and sample exam questions about the Cisco 200-355 exam.

Cisco practice material

The official exam question answers are included in these dumps which are developed by Cisco professionals. It is a stepping stone to study for the exam. These are very helpful and effective for preparing the 200-355 exam.

Classroom training

Classroom training is given by the experts that increases the knowledge about the wireless networks installation, monitoring and troubleshooting of the Cisco WLAN. The experts share their knowledge and skills that help in passing the exam and get Cisco Wireless certification. The experience of solving the exam paper and the guidance increases the percentage of passing the exam.

Online training

If one has no time to go for the class and attend the lectures, then it is the best to register for the online classes and watch them at any time. A study in a group is an excellent resource for learning.

Benefits of Holding Cisco CCNA Wireless Certification

Increase in expertise

After obtaining this certification, it will improve your knowledge and understand the concept of using Cisco wireless LAN. The Cisco Wireless certification grants the information, basics, and fundamentals of networking and how to apply in the profession.

Increment in the salary

Once you are CCNA Wireless certified, one can propose for a high salary than any other professional without the certification. This certification proves that you have attained the knowledge of installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting of small and medium size wireless LAN.

Higher position in an organization

Apart from the hike in salary, one can get a hike in their position after getting Cisco CCNA Wireless certification. Many organizations are hiring the professional who is certified with the Cisco so it helps to get better job opportunities in the career.

Organizations benefits

The organization get benefits for Cisco products when they mention the employees who are Cisco certified. The corporations who are using Cisco products are bigger organization and you can get the chance to work with these companies and grow in the career.

Act as a ladder

The Cisco CCNA Wireless certification is a ladder in your career growth. One can step forward in their career by getting these certifications. The more opportunities will open the doors of your career once you get the Cisco CCNA Wireless certifications. Getting recognition from the Cisco will brighten the career prospects.

Career at the top level

If one wants to exceed their career in the networking, clear then this Cisco CCNA Wireless certification help in making a career at the top level. The positions of wireless technician, wireless network engineer, test engineers, support engineers, network associates, and network administrator are open in organizations. Any certified candidate can apply for these positions in the companies.

Increase confidence

Cisco CCNA Wireless certification gives satisfaction and increases the confidence level. After getting appreciation from everyone, one can also attain higher positions in the organization by getting high level certifications from Cisco.

The demand for the professionals who have the skills to manage and maintain the network continues to grow. In this competitive world talented candidates are always needed by the companies and to be a part of big organizations this Cisco CCNA Wireless certification is important.

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