Understanding Squonking And How It Works


If you love to have flexibility with your vaping settings – such as temperature, resistance, vape juice, vapor production, and flavor – then you might want to try squonking, a trending technique in today’s world of vaping. This practice involves a squonking mod, an RDA, and a specialized tank. It normally requires a bottom-fed atomizer and is geared to enhance your vaping experience.

While squonking is actually an old vaping style, it faded into oblivion when “dripping” captured the hearts of vaping enthusiasts. However, it has re-emerged into the vaping scene in recent years.

What is A Squonking Mod?

A squonking mod, also known as a bottom feeder mod, is a specially designed mod that can store a vape juice or e-liquid.  It supplies the liquid from the bottom of the device to the top hollowed center pin through a short tube. Squonk mods are normally modestly designed, with a press button and enough space for a sizable e-liquid container and a battery.

What’s the Difference between Squonking and Dripping?

The major differences between squonking and dripping are where the tank is placed in the vaping device and how the atomizers work.

Squonking utilizes a bottom-fed atomizer. The atomizer is attached to the vape tank using a tube. When you squeeze the vape tank, the e-liquid rises and gets sucked into the atomizer. The atomizer, in turn, creates the vapor that you inhale.

Squonking is largely manual. You have to continuously feed the e-liquid into the atomizer for continuous vaping.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Squonk Mod Setup?

With a squonk mod setup, you will not have to drip. You will also not have to frequently refill the bottles in squonking mods. The capacity of squonking mod bottles normally ranges from 7ml to 10ml.

Moreover, with squoking mod setup, you won’t have to worry about ove- dripping. Namely, when you squeeze the tank, the vape juice that doesn’t soak the wicking material will normally drain back down into the e-liquid container.

A squonking mod setup also delivers the same benefits you would enjoy when using any other RDA, including:

  • Impressive airflow
  • Better flavor and vapor production
  • Ability to make your own coils
  • Ability to wick your own coils

What are the Drawbacks to Squonking?

While squonking gives you a great vaping experience, it is not without some issues, which include:

  • Squonking mods are less automated and more mechanical, so they have limited safety measures.
  • Most squonking mods have limited space and hence can accommodate a single small battery, which may not serve your vaping needs effectively.
  • Squonking is not very efficient, and hence e-liquid consumption can be higher when compared to other vaping styles.
  • There is a limited variety of squonking mods that are regulated and commercially available on the market.


Squonking will certainly give you an awesome vaping experience. However, it may not work well for you if you are a novice in vaping.  Try something like a mini vape first, and if you enjoy the experience, look into more complicated devices like squonk mods.

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