Tips to Get a Job that Allows Family Conciliation


Are you experiencing a divorce or separation from your partner? Are you between jobs and in search of employment as well?

Combining these events can increase your stress levels, but fortunately, family conciliation can help smooth the road ahead. Below, we’ll discuss what family conciliation is, how to ensure that your new job will be amenable to conciliation, and how to ask the right questions of your current employer.

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What Is Fhow to write a great CVamily Conciliation?

Family conciliation – also called family mediation or divorce mediation – is defined as “sorting out family disputes without going through court.” Family mediation involves issues such as where the children will live, when you will see them, child maintenance payments, sharing finances such as houses or savings, and dealing with debt.

Families may opt for mediation in order to avoid the excessive legal fees associated with long court battles. A professional mediator is hired to help sort out the details of what happens after a separation. This allows each individual to have more autonomy, instead of a judge making most or all of the decisions. It is typically less stressful for all involved, including the children.

Why Job Flexibility Is a Must

What does it mean for your job to “allow” family conciliation? Definitively, you won’t likely find yourself in a workplace that disallows family mediation – after all, your personal life is yours to control. 

What we’re talking about here is actually a matter of flexibility. During divorce or family conciliation proceedings, you may find yourself needing to take time off work. For example, you and your ex-partner will need to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) to determine whether mediation is a good fit for your situation.

Then, you will need to attend mediation sessions of one to two hours each. How many sessions you attend will depend on the details of your situation.

You may also decide to make the decisions arrived at in mediation legally binding by a court of law. If so, you may also need to attend the court proceedings. Or, if you choose to take the case to court instead of using mediation, you will likely have to prove that you have at least attended a MIAM before deciding that mediation is not for you.

As you can see, this may involve taking multiple full or partial days off work over a period of weeks or months. Having flexibility in your schedule or at least an adequate amount of personal leave or holiday pay is a must.

How to Know if Your Job Allows Family Conciliation

If you are currently in search of a job, examine the listings and the descriptions of benefits closely. How many holidays or how much personal leave will you be allowed?

Many new jobs require a probationary period in which you will not be allowed to take time off work. If this is the case, consider discussing your needs with your employer during your interview. You don’t have to give personal details concerning the situation. You simply need to lay out the necessity, frequency, and duration of the time you will need to take off.

If you are already employed and will soon enter family mediation, you can similarly talk to your employer or the human resources department. You can find out about their policies for taking time off. Even if your paid leave is limited, you may find that your employer is sympathetic to your situation. If you maintain exemplary conduct in the workplace, they may be willing to make allowances for you. 

Might your employer cover your family mediation expenses? Reference your benefits or ask the HR manager for assistance. Some large companies offer unusual perks, and family mediation may be one of them. After all, employers realize that the health and mental/emotional well-being of their employees greatly affects their workplace performance. As a result, mediation services for personal conflicts are sometimes included as part of an employee assistance program (EAP).

If you are on a low income, you may qualify for Legal Aid to attend mediation sessions without cost.

Key Takeaways

  • Family mediation is a means of settling disputes surrounding a separation without taking the matter to court.
  • Family mediation involves a first meeting called a MIAM followed by multiple one to two-hour sessions.
  • If you are currently looking for a job, you will need to ensure that their leave and new hire probation policies will allow you to attend all the necessary meetings with your professional mediator.
  • Some employers include mediation services as an employee benefit.
  • If you are living on a low income, your mediation services may be covered by Legal Aid.

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Combining these occurrences can make you more anxious, but fortunately, family reconciliation can ease the way.

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Family mediation is a means of settling disputes surrounding a separation without taking the matter to court.

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