Tips for Starting Up a Business from Home


Setting up a business in the UK has never been easier, cheaper, and quicker than in 2019. It’s even possible to set up a business in a day! If you know what line of business you want to start, then you may be eager to get going. However, be sure to do your research and read the books before you jump into anything. If you want to succeed, you need to know how others before you succeeded. There are various practicalities you need to consider when attempting to set up a business, and while you may not initially think of them, they will pop up at some point.

Below is a list of tips for starting up a business from your home. Leasing out an office space can be expensive, which is why people try running businesses from their home. There is no hassle or worry about extra costs and bills when working from home. Plus, it gives you the ability to earn money before spending it. 

Decorate the home office to your taste

Possibly the best aspect of working from home and setting up a business from the comfort of your house means you can decorate it to your liking. Keep it simple when painting though, as you don’t want dark colours throughout your office; lighter shades work much better. Minimalist designs such as those in new developments by RW Invest can be an inspiration for the perfect home office look. Anyone struggling to decorate the office may want to take a quick look at their properties to see how they curate a beautiful looking apartment. To ensure you can concentrate on the new environment, be sure to decorate it to your taste.

Let HMRC know you’re starting a business or becoming self-employed

Fortunately, you can do everything online or by phone now, so you don’t have to visit HMRC in person. After you’ve registered, there will be a starter pack for you. It explains everything from doing your end of year taxes to making the most of your new business. There is also a free online training course on the HMRC website that gives individuals advice on everything business-related.

Set a business budget

Having a business plan will ensure your success as a newly founded business owner. It can be challenging to find success in such a saturated market, but if you have a budget, then you shouldn’t have to worry. It is entirely reasonable to have a lower budget. If you’re starting a small marketing agency with just yourself as an employee, then you won’t need a high budget. However, if you’re offering eCommerce services to consumers, then you may have to increase the budget. It’s recommended to do all your research beforehand as it will stop you from getting stuck in a rut.

Set-up a business bank account

You will need a business bank account if you set up a company, but it isn’t required if you’re a sole trader. However, many people recommend keeping track of all your business income and expenses. This way, it’s easy to fill in the tax return at the end of the year.

Be realistic with your goals

As much as your business mindset is inspirational, you have to be realistic when it comes to your business goals. If you’re starting up, don’t expect to make millions of pounds in profit within the first year or so, because unless you’re fortunate, this will not happen. Your goals should be clearly mapped out in a business plan before going any further.

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Will Smith
4 years ago

Very knowledgable! Appreciated!

4 years ago

Good recommendations, but you need to consider a little more points. After all, you need a business plan, a clear plan of action, to register yourself as an entrepreneur, to find the best accounting company to serve your business.
It is better to conduct research first and study future activities