Tips for growing cannabis at home for the first time


Whether for medical or recreational use, marijuana or cannabis faces legal restrictions in different measures across the world. Some states of the USA have even legalized its use. However, there are several legal issues with marijuana across the world that makes it tough for buyers to have easy access to it. The legal clampdown on marijuana has opened new avenues of marijuana supply from online dispensaries like Peak 420 Online, and going forward; some users have even started cultivating cannabis indoor at homes.

Cannabis growing at home can be fun as well as cost-effective, provided you do it correctly. It is a great way to have access to your clean cannabis by avoiding the hassles of buying the controversial plant or weed.

Keep reading to know about the different mediums for growing cannabis at home that beginners can try out.

Deepwater culture hydroponics

Deepwater culture is one of the methods of growing cannabis indoors. This hydroponic growing method consists of growing plants in a tub while the roots remain submerged in water. Known as the DWC system, the plant grows faster, and unlike cannabis cultivated in the soil, the roots do not have to spend energy to search for what the plant needs to grow because of easy accessibility to nutrients.  Plants receive unlimited oxygen generated by the air stone in the reservoir. Since the plant does not expend energy in search of nutrients, it uses full energy for growth.  Plant the cannabis plant in a bubbler- bucket reservoir that has openings on the body through which the plant roots can protrude and remain submerged in a solution of nutrients and water contained in a bucket. 

Check the plant daily as it helps to detect problems early and avoid going out of control.  When you detect any problem, especially root rot that can happen as roots remain inside water continuously, the best way to protect the plant is to change the reservoir. Temperature control for both the surrounding air and water is vital to ensure proper plant growth.

Coco Air cannabis cultivation

Another method of growing cannabis is to use Coco Air as the medium. The method is like soil cultivation and helps fast plant growth by using fibrous coconut husks in place of potting mix. Moisture retention by the coconut husks is better than soil and easier, too, that allows plants to pick up more nutrients and increases oxygen retention due to the light texture of the husks.  Moreover, it creates a buffer that absorbs and reduces shock stress arising from human mistakes, like adding too many nutrients. 

Flushing is better with Coco than DWC as it does not require changing the reservoir. By using a flood and drain hydroponic system, you can temporarily flood the nutrient system from under the plant by controlling it with a pump and timer while avoiding dripping it from the top, which is typical of hydroponic systems. 

The quality of coco coir contributes to the plant quality, especially in developing a healthy root system. The standard recommended mix is three parts of coco and one part or perlite as it requires less watering and retains moisture and nutrients better.

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