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Traveling overseas doesn’t have to fill you with fear. In fact, most places that you might head to for a vacation will have a lot of great attractions for the kids to enjoy. If you give them plenty to look forward to, they might just behave themselves! The UK is one of the most popular overseas destinations for American families. It isn’t cheap, though, so it’s best to make a plan of where you want to go. Here are just a few of the places you might want to stop at:


Everyone wants to go to London! You can visit Buckingham Palace and witness the changing of the guard for free. And you can also head to the British Museum in London to see dinosaurs, Ancient Egyptians and more absolutely free. In fact, there are plenty of things to see for free. And you can often find lots of kids’ activities going on during the school holidays that are either free or cost very little.


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North West

The north west of England is where you’ll find the most stunning and most famous landscapes in Britain. The Lake District is awe-inspiring. There are plenty of activities to do here on the water too. But the cheapest and most popular activity here is walking. Grab yourself a Wainwright’s guide and take on a few of the best routes. Camping is popular here too if you fancy a night or two in a tent. The north-west is also home to the biggest theme park attraction in the country at Blackpool too. You can check out to see what else is on over at the coast as well.



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South West

For one of the most incredible of the Seven Wonders of the World, head toward the south-west of England. Here you will pass the great Stonehenge. This is an amazing standing stone circle from ancient times. Nobody knows how it came to be built, or even who managed to do it! It’s a very special place and is hugely popular to visit at the Solstice. If you keep heading along the road, you’ll arrive in Devon and Cornwall, home to some truly spectacular surf. The way to travel this area is by VW campervan!


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Much of Scotland is incredibly beautiful. And the cities are no exception. Edinburgh is not only full of stunning architecture, but beautiful art too. And if you arrive here during the Fringe Festival, you can experience a lot of performance art as well. Film, comedy, dance and art are all very much cherished here. There’s plenty of Scottish culture to enjoy in the city too.




If you head into Wales, you need to visit Cardiff. This is an amazing city with plenty of culture to enjoy. The center has amazing galleries and museums that have lots of activities for the kids to get involved with. Best of all, they cater pretty well for teens as well. There truly is something for all ages here if you arrive with your family.

The UK may be a long distance flight away, but it’s worth the journey. See what you can enjoy with your family in the UK. Happy vacation!


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