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Coffee originates from the Arabic term “wine of the bean.” It has existed for 1200- 1300 years. Above 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. Coffee is grown in about 70 countries. According to recent studies and surveys, it is next to crude oil in the world’s top traded product. Coffee is enormously complicated; it is the drink that attracts us with its aroma and taste. There is a long list of variables like where farmers grow coffee, variations in coffee beans, how it was processed and baked, and other different aspects and characteristics. Even the coffee’s storage and brew make its taste unique, like there is a different coffee for cold brew as compared to the one for hot brew.

Cold-Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is steeped in cold or room temperature water for about 12 to 24 hours to make them coarsely ground. It is a lengthy steeping method resulting in bitter coffee.

Difference Between Cold-Brew and Iced Coffee

Cold-brew is the coffee brewed in cold water or might be in room temperature water. In this process, no heat is involved. It contains more ratio of coffee to water. Due to this, it is more robust than conventional coffee. It has double the caffeine of a standard coffee. It tastes less bitter, more smother, and more chocolaty than traditional coffee.

Whereas, iced coffee is brew like usual coffee, which is then cooled down. It is regular coffee poured over ice. It tastes like cooled down coffee, thinner due to melting ice.

Different Coffee for Cold Brew

There are many aspects to ponder when selecting the right cold brew coffee for you, including the added components, taste, and amount of sugar and caffeine. They are also available in the form of ready to drink beverages. Some of them are mention below.

Organic Cold Brew: an organic coffee concentrates with no additional sugar, healthy from a health perspective.

 Cold Brew: It is a nitrogen-infused cold brew, finished with oat milk, with a smooth and velvety flavor.

Concentrated Cold Brew: It contains a high quantity of caffeine, so it is a concentrated cold brew. 

Espresso Cold Brew: It is a combination of milk and milk protein. It also holds elements of calcium and potassium.

Vanilla Cold Brew:   It contains a natural vanilla flavor for a smooth and robust cup of coffee.

Flavored Cold Brew: It is available with different flavors like zinc, lemonade, etc.

Coconut Cold Brew:  It is a mixture of toasted coconut and cold coffee.

Condensed milk cold brew: It contains condensed milk to make velvety and sweetened cold brew.

Mint Cold Brew: It is designed with a combination of mint and chocolate flavor to make a refreshing cold brew.

Summing Up

There are many different varieties available for a cold brew in the market with many different categories. Like organic, flavored, sugar content, sweetened, unsweetened, concentrated, and many more like this. one can enjoy according to their taste and need.

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