The Ultimate Vape Juice Recipe: Creating Your Own Concoction From Scratch



Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years. Many vape shops, like Elf Bars, offer a wide variety of vape pens and flavours for users to try out and enjoy. In fact, one of the key features of vaping is the interesting range of flavours it offers. Advanced vapers enjoy personalizing their vape flavours according to their preferences. However, vape juices are generally costly, especially so if you are looking for premium e-juice brands. 

If you wish to experiment with new flavours while keeping your wallet happy, why not try making the vape juice yourself? Homebrewed e-juice is trending in the vaping community for its cost-effectiveness and its relatively simple process. The idea of brewing your own vape juice may sound complicated, but we assure anyone without a background in the chemical industry can cook up this concoction too! 

To better aid you in your creation process, this article will list the necessary equipment and ingredients while offering a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own vape juice. 

What is vape juice? 

Vape juice is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes that produce vapours and flavours. It is a combination of four main chemicals: propylene glycol, flavourings, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine (optional). Though this basic mixture can already form a quality vape juice, fellow vapes may opt to include specialized additives to further enhance the overall taste too. 

Benefits of homebrewed vape juice

Cheaper than commercial vape juice in the long run

If you are a long-term vaper, the total expenditure for vape products does take a toll on your bank. Gathering all the necessary equipment and ingredients for the homebrewed vape juice may seem expensive at first, but in the long run, it will definitely save you more cash.

Allows customization

Now that you are brewing your own mix, you can customize the juice to your liking. Those who are looking for a healthier option can simply exclude nicotine and other additives from their mixture. 


Now that you are in control of your own liquid, you can ensure that every ingredient included in the liquid is safe for consumption. Gone are the days when you stayed doubtful about the ingredients mixed in the commercial e-juices. 

Things you need for the creation process

The tools mentioned here are relatively affordable, and they can be found in nearby homeware stores or online shops. 

  • Storage bottles or containers

Please prepare empty plastic bottles or containers that come with a childproof cap. Our top pick will be bottles with plastic drip tips, as they are the cheapest and more effective type of bottle. We encourage vapers to use plastic containers or bottles instead of other materials, as the cleaning process is rather tedious. Considering the time spent cleaning, it is more efficient to dispose of the container or bottle upon use instead.

  • Syringes for mixing

When measuring the ingredients, it is recommended to get proper syringes instead of trying your luck by adding the chemicals drop by drop. This is a safer method and allows users to get an accurate measurement to achieve the desired outcome. To avoid cross-contamination, vapers should have a syringe for each ingredient. Additionally, these syringes should be labelled accordingly and cleaned with distilled water after use. 

  • Gloves

It is a good practice to wear gloves during your creation process for hygiene purposes. We urge all vapers to purchase gloves if you are intending to include nicotine in their vape juice mix. This is because nicotine can be easily absorbed into your skin upon direct contact. Once this happens, you can expect to experience a wild head rush. Thus, to keep yourself safe from any unforeseen accidents like spillage, please remember to wear your gloves when dealing with chemicals. 

  • Labels

Lastly, you might also want to get a labelling machine, or stick-on labels to write what flavours you have added into your vape juice. 

If you are still uncertain of the types of equipment to prepare, there are DIY vape juice starter kits that come with everything you need as well. 


  • Base liquid: Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin

These two chemicals form the base of your e-juice. The former does not influence the flavour, but it is the chemical that induces the soothing feeling in your throat when you inhale. The latter adds sweetness to the overall flavour, and its thick consistency gives your vape clouds more visibility too. 

  • Flavour concentrates

The type of flavourings needed differs according to the recipe. Too much of this chemical can overpower the liquid, so vapers should add it in moderation. Beginners to homebrewed vape juices should start simple with only a few flavours concentrates before experimenting with more types of chemicals.

  • Diluted nicotine

Before introducing nicotine in your concoction, readers are reminded that it is an addictive chemical that may be harmful to your body if consumed excessively. If you are still intending to add nicotine, please ensure that it is of good quality — preferably a good grade too. 

Since nicotine comes in different levels of strength, vapers will have to experiment to discover their ideal nicotine level. Start with a lower volume of nicotine, preferably lesser than the suggested amount in the recipe, and slowly make your way to find the sweet spot. 

Creating the vape juice 

  • Mixing

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, all you have to do now is to follow the recipe. In essence, you just have to mix all the liquids into the bottle and shake it well. 

Recipes may list the required ingredients by volume or strength, making the overall process more complex. However, vapers can utilize online calculators to easily calculate the exact quantity of ingredients to include. 

Please ensure that you are using only clean syringes and bottles during this process to avoid any contamination. 

  • Steeping 

Since most vape juices contain multiple flavours, it is crucial to steep the liquid. During this step, the different flavours blend in with one another to transform into a whole new flavour for you to enjoy. As different mixtures require varied amounts of steeping time, we suggest you follow the instructions in the recipe. 

  • Testing

After you’ve steeped your e-juice, it’s time to test out your creation! Instead of using a tank, we recommend that you use a high-quality dripper or atomizer. Testing out your e-juice will give you an idea of how it tastes and can also help you avoid wasting coils. 

  • Storage

After you’ve made your e-juice and are satisfied with it, you need to store them properly. Keep your e-juice away from direct sunlight, oxygen, and heat as these can negatively affect your e-juice. So, it’s best to keep your e-juice in a cool and dark place. Additionally, make sure that you store your e-juice in a place that’s out of reach of children or pets. 


After mastering the basic methods, we encourage all to start experimenting with different ingredients and recipes to experience the pure goodness of vaping. Enjoy!

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