The Top 10 Assisted Living Activities for Your Loved One


Your loved one can still continue to have a fun and meaningful life while receiving the care they need in an assisted living facility. 

Many assisted living communities to offer assisted living activities, including exercise classes and field trips.

Continue reading for some of the best activities for your loved one to check out while in an assisted living center.

1) Exercise Classes

Exercise is essential to a healthy life. Exercise not only keeps the body mobile but also releases endorphins. Most assisted living centers offer senior-friendly classes, like Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates.

2) Field Trips

While there are plenty of activities in the community, your loved one shouldn’t be restricted to the barriers of campus. Check to see if your loved one’s facility plans field trips for residents to places. Chances are, they may have shuttles to museums, theaters, or sporting events. 

3) Games

Games are a great way for your loved one to bond with other residents. And now, they are so many games to choose from! They can go for a classic game like chess, or opt for a video game like Wii Tennis. 

4) Bible Study

If religion is a part of your loved one’s life, encourage them to find and join a religious group in their community. A weekly bible study meeting will give them something to look forward to and give them a chance to make friends with similar interests. 

5) Groups Trips Outside

Fresh air is important. Along with field trips to special events, check to see if the assisted living center offers frequent trips to outdoor destinations. This could include nature trails, beaches, and botanic gardens. 

6) Community Events

Most assisted living communities plan events for major holidays including Christmas, Fourth of July, and Easter. These community events are another opportunity for your loved one to branch out and make friends. More so, these events make for great times to visit your loved ones!

7) Movie Nights

We can’t forget about movie nights! Movie nights are fun and low-key. Whether it’s a newer film or a screening of a classic, everyone can get excited about popcorn and maybe even some candy. 

8) Arts and Crafts

Sewing isn’t the only craft for seniors. Seniors can enjoy painting, drawing, and even ceramics at some facilities. Arts and crafts are great activities for elderly people, as they are mentally stimulating and highly rewarding. 

Look into what types of art classes are available at your loved one’s assisted living center.

9) Community Performances

Many local dance studios and choirs perform at assisted living communities from time to time. Aside from being entertaining, this is yet another way for your loved one to stay engaged with the outside community.

10) Music Programs

Some living facilities offer music lessons or opportunities to perform in community choirs or bands. If your loved one is musically inclined, partaking in a music program will be highly fulfilling. 

Group Activities Are Only One Benefit of an Assisted Living Center

You may be wondering, what is the cost of assisted living? Well, it depends on the level of care, location of the facility, and the amenities offered. Before you settle on an assisted living facility for your loved one, make sure you know what is included and what you want to be included. 

Assisted Living Activities for Your Loved Ones

Both group and solo activities are important to the overall quality of life for your loved one. Solo activities will keep them mentally stimulated and group activities will prevent them from feeling isolated. Encourage your loved one to take advantage of the assisted living activities their community has to offer.

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