The Pros and Cons of Using an Online Therapy Platform


With the rise in technology-based software and applications, coupled with the current restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a surge in provisions of services online.

One of the areas that has seen the most rise is the provision of therapy services. Therapy clinics or consultants are opening online therapy platforms to bring their services closer to the people, more so for individuals who need privacy and do not want to leave their home.

Virtual therapy sessions have pros and cons, which will be addressed in detail in today’s article.

Convenience, Flexibility, and Affordability

Now that the ongoing pandemic has restricted people’s movements, online therapy platforms have come in handy. The platforms offer convenience and affordability to individuals. 

First, it has made it convenient to access therapy services anywhere without worrying about making numerous physical visits to your therapy clinic. All you need to do is sign up for the service and book your appointment. 

Second, it offers flexibility to access the services without the need to disrupt your work-life schedule. For instance, you can schedule your sessions once you get home from work or school. 

Third, the platforms offer you affordability by reducing overhead costs. In-person therapy sessions are usually time-consuming and require you to part with extra costs such as transportation or accommodation, depending on the clinic’s location. Online sessions only require you to have internet access and a quiet place in the comfort of your home.

Guaranteed Anonymity and Privacy

At times, the pressures of life can be overwhelming to the point that you become ashamed or scared to tell people what you are experiencing or feeling. For that reason, many people end up suffering in silence in fear of the stigma or reproach that comes with people knowing they are seeking therapy services. That is mostly the case with in-person sessions.

However, with the online sessions, one is assured of anonymity as it can be done discreetly. The sessions are usually between you and the therapist, and you can attend the sessions without your family or friends knowing. If you are an LGBTQ, you can subscribe to the services of Pride Counselling. Besides, the platforms offer different ways of conducting the sessions. For complete anonymity, you can opt for phone therapy services. However, if you are comfortable, you can subscribe to video therapy services.

Suitable for People with Physical Limitations

Online Therapy has become helpful, especially for those who are disabled or receiving home-based care. For such individuals, mobility can be an issue, and having to go all the way to see a therapist can be unsettling even if it’s possible. 

Thanks to technology, such individuals can gain access to online Therapy services, including in out-of-town areas. So, if you have a family member who is disabled and is currently in need of Therapy, you can subscribe to one of the online therapy platforms that has certified and licensed psychiatrists.

Eliminates the Patient-Therapist Real-Life Conversation Intimacy

Most online therapy sessions take place via audio, messages, and texts, meaning the therapist won’t be able to assess your facial expressions and body language. Typically, a therapist will assess your body language, expressions, and facial cues to understand your feelings and emotions better. 

Additionally, Online platforms such as text-based or call therapy services eliminate the intimacy that in-person sessions offer. Video sessions can be the best; however, it can be complicated for your therapist to assess your entire emotional state if you are afraid of being seen.

Inappropriate for Serious Therapy Based Conditions

Online therapy sessions can be helpful in several situations, especially when you only want to talk and share your feelings and thoughts with your therapists. 

However, such platforms are not appropriate when life-threatening situations, such as suicidal acts or substance abuse. Such situations require in-person sessions giving the therapist control over the situation considering the patient might not make informed decisions or think logically.

Illegitimate and Unprofessional Services

Though technology has brought many positive benefits, it has also been used as a tool by unscrupulous individuals to extort money from unsuspecting citizens. Ensuring that the online platform you want to register with is legitimate and has relevant operating licenses is imperative. 

Legitimate and professional E-based Therapy platforms have certified and licensed psychiatrists who offer services geared to improving their patients’ well-being. Besides, the platforms should have all the certifications of operations and licenses published on their webpage for easy access and verifications. 

The best platforms will offer you a wide range of therapy services or specialize in one area.  For instance, Regain is an excellent therapy site for couples. For the best cognitive behavioral Therapy, you can subscribe to the services of If you have a teen that needs counseling, then you can subscribe to 

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2 years ago

Thanks for this useful article. I think that it’s amazing that such platforms exist, because nowadays a lot of people have a different mental health problem, and somethimes there is no one near to talk. And usage of such platforms is beneficial. I have a psychology course, and some time ago, we talked about the person-centered approach and about such apps. There was one site where I found many Helpful hints about that approach because I know a lot about practical psychology modern apps, but with theory, I have troubles. The psychological sphere has changed, and I believe that such or similar apps will bring even more positive changes.