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We have all been there; stressing over the place, the time, the outfit and so much more.

However, a date should be a romantic, fun and carefree occasion where you get to know the other person. Instead of stressing about the finer details, take these 6 tips for preparing for the perfect date.

  1. Gifts are not cliché

Whether you have taken an online love language test that says so or not, everyone loves a gift. Nothing makes a more touching and heartfelt first impression on a date than a perfectly picked present.

There is an abundance of options when hunting down gifts for her, so the hard part is simply working out what will make the best impression. Think a nice bottle of red for that picnic, a plant or a novelty flask to sneak into the movies. No matter what you decide a gift is a great way to prepare for a fun-filled date.

  1. Don’t fear the classics

Movie and dinner, depending on who ask, is either romantic or boring.

With that said, as the old saying goes, “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. However, why not put a different spin on it? Outdoor movie theaters are new and a great way to put a fun spin on the classic date night. Bring along a picnic basket as well to surprise your significant other, a movie under the stars is a surefire way to enjoy the perfect date. 

  1. Free doesn’t have to mean cheap

Arts and culture aren’t just buzzwords for the 21st century.

No, they are the perfect opportunity for the perfect date. When preparing your next date, look for free exhibitions at your local art gallery, free music sessions around town or even explore the options of just becoming a tourist for a day in your own city.

Perhaps there is a hike or summit you have always wanted to tackle together – get to it!

The perfect date is about spending time with each other, not how much you spend. Plus, you’d be amazed at what’s on offer. Prepare for your next date by seeing what your city has to offer outside of just a nice restaurant.

  1. Make a day of it

Life is too short to think of a date as a dinner or drinks to get to know each other.

Depending on where you are in your courtship, why not consider a day trip to see what is on offer around where you live. A day trip is a great way to plan the perfect date. You can visit a winery, go on a hike, visit a swimming hole or beach, then settle in for some lunch. Follow it up with some afternoon fun and bite to eat for dinner. A date doesn’t have to be a rendezvous for a couple of hours. Make the most of both your time and plan a perfect date across the entire day.

  1. Learn to love planning

A date doesn’t have to be all about the food, the drinks or the place you go.

Instead, when you’re planning your next date, try learning a skill instead. Take a cooking class together and enjoy the sensual delights of cooking. Take a yoga class together and really stretch out your time together.

Why not take an art class together?

No, this won’t frighten her away, but it wouldn’t hurt for making your partner laugh. Getting out of the house and doing something different will make the date truly memorable. Learning something new together takes away the awkwardness and has you both enjoying an experience together. Spice up the date night a little and go for a creative activity accompanied by a little wine, with Pinot & Picasso’s paint and sip sessions.

  1. You don’t have to leave, especially if you can’t

For some people out there, the thought of a date means babysitting, worrying, coming home early. Basically all the mood killers to any date. If that is you, then fear not. When you’re planning your next date, think local. Instead of going out, bring the fancy meal to you by cooking yourself or getting a local restaurant to do take away. Instead of going to the movies, rent a DVD and set up the lounge room like a luxurious home cinema.

On the flipside, if you fancy going for the whole shebang, hire a massage service that do ‘in-home’ massages. Surprise your significant other with a date at home, that way they are comfortable and are able to relax for the perfect date in the comfort of their own home.

It sounds like a throwaway statement, but it really is the thought that counts.

Show your significant other how much you care by planning the perfect date. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be short, and it certainly shouldn’t be cause for concern. Follow these tips and plan your next date perfectly.

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