The Importance of MERV Filters for Indoor Air Quality



There are many types of air filters, and MERV filters are one of them. MERV acronym stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. A report says that the MERV filter can eliminate larger airborne particles, the range between 0.3 to 20 microns. 

This filter can conveniently absorb microscopic airborne particles, including viruses and germs, to safeguard a healthy environment. This article will help you to know why MERV filters are essential for increasing indoor quality.

Why are Air Filters Important?

As we all know, filters contain porous material. Simply filters do air filtration, which is a process of extracting dispersed airborne particles. Porous material helps to remove harmful particles such as dust, allergens, pollens, etc. Because of this, air filters get clogged easily. 

Air filters increase your indoor quality. Air filters absorb harmful airborne particles that help to reduce health issues, remove unpleasant odor room your home, gives relaxation at home, and so on.

MERV Filters for Indoor Quality

MERV air filters can eliminate harmful airborne particles up to 99.97 percent. Here are several reasons why we should choose MERV air filters for indoor quality for instance, 100% air filtration, more surface area to remove contaminants, avoid static pressure, etc.

The MERV filter rating defines how a spectrum of values is classified as the lowest and highest rating for effective filtering. Filters with the highest rating are the best for indoor quality. Because having a higher rating means it can absorb airborne particles more than others rating and purify the indoor air more. So, thus it can prevent health issues like asthma and other respiratory problems.

MERV air filters with a higher rating have smaller pores, which controls humidity which it turns to improves efficiency. MERV air filters do filtration in the era of pollution and harmful allergens in the air. It is the highest technical way to breath healthy. 

We know that whenever an air filter gets clogged, it is required to clean or replace it. But in the case MERV filter, you don’t have to change the air filter often. If any critical damage occurs inside of air conditioner system, then replacement is required. For replacement or any queries about damages, contact the expertise of AC filter suppliers.

Different MERV Ratings Control Different Compounds

MERV Rating 1-4: In this rating, it can control carpet fibers, pollen, and dust mites. Frequently, these MERV filters are used in residential furnaces.

MERV Rating 5-8: They can control dust mites, household dust, mold spores, and lint. These are better to use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. 

MERV Rating 9-12: They can control pollen mites, lead dirt, nebulizer dust, etc. These filters are used in commercial structures and medical labs.

MERV Rating 13-16: In this rating, these can control sneeze airborne particles, tobacco smoke, bacteria, and vehicle fumes. These can be used in some kind of places where top-notch air filtration is required, such as medical, hospitals, and nursing homes.

MERV Rating 17-20: It can hold Viruses, Combusted Dust, and Carbon Dust. Mostly used in orthopedic surgery centers, pharmaceutical companies, etc.


Did you ever imagine that air filters can eliminate microscopic airborne particles just for the safety of humans? But MERV filters are the high technology that helps us to get fresh air indoors by preventing harmful particles from the air. If you want to purchase MERV filters in any size, for example, a 22x24x1 air filters or 14x14x1 air filters or want to know about these MERV filters more, then AC filters supplier company Simply Filters can help you in every way to reach expertise.

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You correctly noted that MERV filters, known for their higher efficiency in filtering out particles, generally do not require as frequent changing as standard filters. A common recommendation for residential use is to check MERV filters every 3 to 6 months. If the filter appears dirty or clogged at these intervals, it should be replaced. Otherwise, it can lead to serious damage to your air conditioning system.