The Importance Of Annual Skin Check In Brisbane.


It is very important to get an annual skin check because skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer, with more than 2 million Americans diagnosed every year. All people are diagnosed with skin cancer more than any other cancer. By consulting a dermatologist like Sundoctors Australia, once a year, you can prevent skin cancer and get an early diagnosis if something goes wrong. The skin check in Brisbane is more important for the people with the history of tanning, skin cancer or sunburns and are recommended for a thorough check-up of their skin at least once a month at home. 

Understanding Annual Skin Checks 

While a family doctor does a skin check during the annual physical, a skin check done by a certified dermatologist is much thorough and comprehensive. The doctors study the skin and identify any new growth or other changes that may indicate abnormalities. We mostly use a special light to indicate any irregularities seeing that your back and others are difficult to see body areas are assessed carefully for symptoms of skin cancer. 

Knowing The Signs Of Skin Cancer 

The most common types of cancer involve squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas and they develop scaly patches and small red nodules. These spots may be raised or ooze and they easily bleed. 

In many cases, the basal cell carcinomas appear like a sore and flesh-toned lesion. Squamous cell carcinoma forms a rough lump on the skin. The growths are mistaken as a rash on the skin, they grow slowly and don’t get removed on their own. 

Melanoma is a more deadly but less common form of cancer of the skin and appears abnormal moles. You can make out the melanoma by the ABCDEs –

  •     Asymmetric – Melanomas are not perfectly round.
  •     Borders – They have bumpy and uneven borders.
  •     Colour – Melanomas appear red, black and blue.
  •     Diameter – These lesions are bigger than an eraser.
  •     Evolving – Melanoma shows change with time, change colour or shape or get bigger.

The annual checks of skin are necessary, you may also get your skin checked every month at home. If you see any new growth, changes, moles then better call a dermatologist.

Arranging A Skin Check When You Find Something Suspicious 

When you see something suspicious, maybe a new mole, another skin growth, a changing mole, you should make an appointment right away with a dermatologist. He will examine your skin and take a biopsy to test any skin irregularities for cancerous cells. In case your skin growth is cancerous, there are a variety of procedures for removal including cryotherapy for excision and Mohs surgery, a simple excision process where the mole or growth is removed one day at a time to reduce damage and trauma to your surrounding healthy tissues. 


Some people have a naturally high risk of developing skin cancer, the condition can be prevented and you may protect your skin. The most important thing is to reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays in sunlight by using sunscreen with an SPF for at least 30 and with a brim hat while you go out. It should be reapplied every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating. 

Those people having fair skin, it is recommended to stay indoors while the sun is at peak between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.. even though you may like the look of a tan, tanning lights and beds should be avoided. Tanned skin is the first sign of sun damage. Instead of risking your skin use artificial tanning things to replicate a skin glow without destroying effects of sunlight. Don’t forget to schedule the annual skin check.

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