The Consequences of Parenting with an Alcohol or Drug Addiction


Families are an interesting concept. The influence each other in ways most others cannot even fully comprehend. If you’re a parent, it’s of the essence to understand the impact you have on your children. Children are a lot more malleable than many people may realize at first. They pay more attention to their parents than they often let on. A parent addicted to drugs or alcohol may learn that the hard way. A lot of people avoid rehab due to financial problems in life. You should look into Tricare drug rehab coverage today. Before your habit effects your family later down the road. They could help release some of that financial strain and help you on the right road to recovery.

Parents are just like other normal human beings in this world. They’re often susceptible to addictions of all kinds. Addiction to prescription painkillers is a possibility. Addiction to alcohol is yet another. The ripple effect of substance abuse is serious business. Without adequate drug and alcohol help or another form of successful intervention, the results can be devastating. A mom or dad who is addicted to drugs or alcohol may have a major impact on the rest of the family.

A child who watches a parent suffer through prescription painkiller, drug or alcohol addiction may feel like his or her lifestyle at home is in shambles. Children thrive on dependable, predictable and secure environments at home. The presence of a parent who is addicted may make them feel like they do not have that. A parent who has an issue with substance abuse without seeking medical detox, particularly if they are addicted to opioids, may spend a significant portion of the day fast asleep away from the rest of the world. He or she may not be on hand to engage in “normal” activities with other people in the home. He or she may have mood swings that make establishing normal interactions seem next to impossible.

Addiction can contribute to a household that’s shaky and uncomfortable. If a child has a parent who has an addiction problem, he or she may be embarrassed to bring guests over. This may interfere with his or her social life in a big way. Children are self-conscious and often don’t want to have to “explain things” to their peers. A child who has a parent who is addicted may also get made fun of by others.

Children of addicted parents may be more susceptible to dependence themselves, too. A child who is familiar with the effects of addiction may be prone to a lifestyle that’s chock-full of it. If a child sees that his or her parent is unable to say no to drug use, then he or she may not be able to resist it. A child who watches a parent with addiction may be intrigued by the world.

Parents have to be present for their youngsters. They have to be positive and supportive forces. If you’re an addicted parent, you may miss out on a lot. You may not be around to see your child graduate from high school or do well at a ballet recital. You may not be around to watch your child do well in school each day of the week. If you want to have a strong and harmonious household, you need to understand the effects of addiction.

Addiction does not exclusively affects addicts. It significantly affects all of the people who are around them as well. It can impact youngsters of all ages. Small children may pick up on a parent who has an addiction. Teenagers who are in high school may pick up on it, too. If you want to be a good parent to your children, you have to understand the value of serving as a strong role model. You want your children to view you as being tough as nails all of the time.

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