The Best Winter Coats to Invest in This Winter


Everyone wants to wear timeless clothing that will look just as great in ten or twenty years’ time as it does today. Unfortunately, many people believe the key is to review the latest trends to do so, but this is a big mistake. After all, all trends have a sell-by date and will be out of fashion by next season.

If you want to develop a classic style that will make you feel like the ultimate fashionista, here are the best coats to invest in this winter.

The Timeless Trench Coat

Every woman should have at least one trench coat hanging in her closet, as it’s a design that never goes out of style. This classic design dates back to the First World War and continues to prove popular in fashion magazines, on the runway, and in countless retail stores. You’ll never be short of options when attempting to find the perfect design for your style.

The Sophisticated Chesterfield Coat

If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your closet, the Chesterfield coat might be the best addition. Thanks to the coat’s oversized shape, you will have enough room for layering chunky knits, which is perfect for the chilly winter temperatures. It’s a simple, elegant design that will look just as fabulous in five or ten years’ time.

The Effortlessly Stylish Duffel Coat

The duffel is a cool yet casual coat that will never let you down when it comes to style. The simple design means it can complement almost any outfit, making it the perfect choice for your closet this winter.

The toggles can also add a touch of luxury and elegance to the premium fabric, so you’ll happily wear it all season long. It’s also bound to become a key part of your winter wardrobe for many more years to come. Make your way to for style inspiration.

The Versatile Car Coat

If you don’t know whether the sun is going to shine or if the rain will soon descend, you might be unsure about the best coat to wear to protect you from the elements. The car coat is, however, the perfect choice when facing the unpredictable weather. That’s because it offers a lightweight material that is water resistant. It also offers a simple design, meaning it can accompany different outfits in your closet easily.

A Stylish Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is still popular with designers, retailers, and fashionistas, and it’s bound to become a staple item in your closet. While real leather can be expensive, there are also numerous faux options that can look more expensive than they actually are. Plus, as leather is naturally resistant to cold temperatures, it will help you stay warm during the bitterly cold weather.

The Classic Hooded Parka

If you are looking for a casual coat you can wear to the store or during a commute to work; the classic hooded parka will not disappoint. The long length will help to keep your body warm, and there will be plenty of pockets to keep your hands warm during the wind, rain or snow. Plus, the faux fur lined hood will make you feel snug when placed over your head.

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