The Benefits of Baby Crib Mobiles


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Baby mobiles are colorful and cute, and hundreds of designs and styles can challenge you in choosing one. But aside from their cuteness, they serve another purpose—to support your child’s early development.

Why do you need a baby mobile?

You hang a baby mobile over the baby’s crib, not to help them sleep but to stimulate your baby’s brain and develop their visual and motor skills. Usually, you use a crib mobile until your baby is five months old.

Newborns and very young babies cannot see very well, but a crib mobile hanging close to their faces but safely out of their reach helps them to focus their eyes. When they are three months old, they usually sharpen their visual tracking skills to follow the mobile’s movement. The best crib mobiles offer the right visual stimulation through gentle engagement that will not keep them awake at night.

What to look for in a crib mobile

The variety of crib mobiles in the market makes it difficult to find the right choice. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing one that will help your baby learn.

  • It should offer mild stimulation. A crib mobile with lively music and lights are great for entertaining a baby when awake. However, it is not ideal for encouraging the baby to sleep. Choose one that naturally moves with the wind. The gentle movement is enough to entertain the baby while their eyes follow the toys’ swaying.
  • It should have high-contrast colors.Your baby’s eyes are still developing, so it is much easier for their visual exercise if the different objects are in high contrast.
  • It should be safe. It is important to purchase a crib mobile that meets all the safety and manufacturing guidelines of the United States. Find a reputable retailer and make sure that you register the crib mobile with the manufacturer so you can have updates on the latest warnings and potential product recalls.

Necessary features

Crib mobiles help calm and entertain your little one. But you should still consider important features to ensure you get the right crib mobile.

  • Crib mobiles stimulate your baby, so you should find mobiles that jiggle, sway, or move with the wind or electronically. If your bedroom or nursery room allows constant wind flow, then buying one that moves with the wind is all right. Otherwise, purchase a battery-operated crib mobile that allows it to move in different directions—up, down, clockwise, and counterclockwise.
  • Toy types. You can ensure your baby enjoys watching the toys hanging from it. Check your baby’s toy preferences, such as cars, animals, heavenly objects, etc., so you can find a similar crib mobile to keep your baby entertained.
  • The baby’s point of view.Since your baby will mostly be on their back, ensure that you choose a crib mobile that looks good from underneath. The baby should be able to see the toys’ shape, design, or image from below. 

Ensure that the crib mobile allows your baby to enjoy their early learning experience by choosing one that experts recommend. Still, research and consumer reviews are important. 

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