The ABCs of Parenting: How to Help a Reluctant Reader Thrive


If you’re a parent struggling to figure out how to deal with a reluctant reader, this article is for you. Having a child who is a reluctant reader certainly doesn’t spell doom for their academic career. In fact, there are tips you can follow to help your little one thrive as a reader: 

Let’s start with the most important tip: your involvement in your child’s journey in learning how to read is critical. In the United States, only about half of children between ages 0 and 5 are read to by their parents or other family members. Spend time reading aloud to your child every day to help them grow as a reader. 

Keep reading for more helpful tips on how to help a reluctant reader. 

Find Out Why They Are a Reluctant Reader 

Why doesn’t my child like reading? This question crosses the mind of every parent of a reluctant reader at one point or another. Children are by nature not good communicators, so they won’t be able to answer this question for you.

You’ll have to do a little guessing work. Focus on their reactions and body mannerisms when they are presented with a book and you may be able to deduce why they are hesitant to read.

Are They Having Difficulty Reading?

It’s possible that your child has a hard time reading, making it a frustrating task they want to avoid. In this case, consider the following: 

As long as your child is enjoying what they read, you don’t have to worry about reading level. You want them to develop their reading skills and a passion for reading before you introduce them to more challenging books.

Are They Not Interested in What They’re Reading? 

There’s nothing worse for a child than being told to read a boring book. You can make reading interesting for your child by following these tips: 

  • Let your child pick their own books regardless of reading level
  • If your child choses a book that’s too difficult for them, read it to them aloud 
  • Let your child reread books they already like 

Make Reading a Rewarding Experience 

When searching for parenting tips online, you shouldn’t be entering “how to get my child to read.” Instead, you should be finding ways to make reading fun for your child.

You can do this is by giving them a sticker or small prize every time they finish a chapter or book. What kid doesn’t like a prize? Your little one will be motivated to get in reading time if they know they’ll get something in return.

Help Your Child Thrive As a Reader 

Having a kid that is a reluctant reader isn’t the end of the world. Now that you know how to encourage a child to read, you can help your young one find joy in reading.

If you think we left out a helpful tip, tell us what we missed in the comments below. We want to hear how you encourage your little one to read. 

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