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a Robomow robotic lawn mower
Searching for the ultimate Father’s Day gift? Check out the robotic lawn mowers from Robomow.
That’s right – a robot that mows the lawn. What could be cooler than that? No more spending precious weekend time pushing a heavy, gas-powered mower. Dad gets some free time back, and he gets a great looking lawn. 
Robomow mowers are very popular in Europe; in fact the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. But Americans are just now starting to embrace this state-of-the-art technology. Remember when Roomba’s were brand new? Now you see them everywhere.


Robomow mowers use electric motors so they’re environmentally friendly – there’s no pollution. They also mulch grass and recycle clippings back into the lawn, another great green feature.
Once dad takes his new mower out of the box, he will have some setup to do, but it’s pretty simple. Initial setup involves creating a zone or zones in the yard where you want the robot to mow. You lay down a perimeter wire and use pegs to keep it down. Eventually it works its way deep into the grass and you won’t even know it’s there.

The robot stays in its charging base until it’s time to mow. Dad will choose how often the robot cuts the grass – typically twice a week. The Robomow mower leaves on its own, follows its perimeter wire and then randomly covers the area inside. When it’s finished or needs to recharge, Robomow goes back to its charging station – all by itself – and recharges for its next mission. The mowers are so quiet you can even have them cut the lawn at night while you’re sleeping.

Now, you may have concerns about a lawn mower running loose in your yard – especially if you have kids or pets. Rest assured, safety is the top priority for the people at Robomow. Each mower is equipped with several safety features, including contact sensing, tilt sensing, child lock, a fully-enclosed and protected blade, and an emergency stop button. The mowers have sensors or bumpers that react to contact with an object. So when it comes into contact with a tree or kid’s toy, the blade stops and the mower turns in a different direction.
Here’s another very cool feature: the new Robomow mowers have what’s called GSM technology that allows the company to diagnose and address maintenance issues, even before they happen. Each mower sends data back to the company; if there’s a problem, the company will automatically send a replacement part to dad so he can just swap it out. Do n’t you wish your car could do that??

Check out the Robomow YouTube Channel for some videos that will show you how it works, how to set it up, etc.
Robomow mowers start at $1,199, compare that to the cost of a riding lawn mower or having a lawn service cut the grass once a week.
Dad is sure to be the envy of all his neighbors as they stop and ask him about his new robotic lawn mower.
If you want a great gift for dad, you can purchase the mowers directly from Robmow via their website,


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