Starting Your Lash Business from Scratch A Step by Step Guide


The idea of starting your own eyelash extension business is one that has been regularly featured across social media, making it the perfect business model to dive into if you are looking to start your own company and build your way into other products.


That said, getting started can often be the most difficult part for many. Are you looking to launch your own beauty brand? If so, take a look at the step-by-step guide to starting your own lash business from scratch provided below to get started.


Step 1. Begin Thinking About Your Brand And Value


The problem with being in the beauty industry is that there is a lot of competition. With this in mind, it is important to determine what your brand will look like and how you are going to provide value to your customers long before you physically launch your business. Set a strong foundation (pun intended) by figuring out how you can provide quality eyelash extension kits to your customers while differentiating yourself from your competitors. You can also do this through your brand. For example, maybe you went to cosmetology school and do something special with your kits before you send them off. Perhaps you had your own bad lash experience and can use that to connect with your audience. No matter what it is, figure these aspects out as early as possible as these qualities set the stage for future success. 


Step 2. Start Looking Into How to Set Up And Market Your Products


The majority of business is planning, and it is essential that you have a good plan in place if you are looking to turn your brand into a lucrative business opportunity. When you figure out exactly what your brand is and what it stands for, the next major step is to begin figuring out how you are going to market your materials and what type of work needs to go into establishing your business.


For example, you will need to register your business with your state, obtain seller’s permit, file for the business name you want, and determine how you will get your products, where you will store your products, and how you will distribute your products, all of which impact your business model. If you are an online beauty business, you will need to learn how to leverage social media and search engine algorithms to your advantage. Take your time with this section as it is the most important!


Step 3. Prepare For Launch And Continued Growth


With all of your paperwork filed and your products in hand, all there is left to do is launch your business and start selling your eyelash extensions! Make sure to announce your new business to everyone on social media and begin building up your website as soon as possible. Once you have the proper exposure and attention that you need in order to attract the customer base that you want, all you have to do is maintain your progress and keep people interested. With the right passion and preparation, you can begin selling lashes (and more) as well!


The beauty industry is booming and more self-made business owners are coming out to launch their new product lines than ever. If you’re interested in becoming one of these successful beauty gurus that is able to live their dream and are looking to start off with eyelash kits, the step-by-step guide above will give you further insight into what it takes to prepare your business and how you are going to be able to get it off the ground once you’ve made it your mission!

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