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Identity Games are so awesome. 

I received two games a few weeks back, one for my 17 year old daughter and the other for my 3 year old son.  They are great games that the kids don’t put down.

find it


Jacob, my 3 year old, received Find it.  Though we have to read what he has to find, he loves playing it.  He shakes that tube up until he finds the item, and won’t move on until he does find it. 

There are so many versions of Find It to choose from, the list includes a Simpsons version, Skylanders, Beach, Sports, Glitz, etc.  I saw Find It on the shelf at Cabelas, which was a shock to me.  So you can pretty much buy these Find It Games anywhere.  The entire line of Find It can be purchased on Amazon for as low as $14.23.

Find It is great for anyone in your life from 3 – 103.



Sarah received Jishaku.  She loves it.  You use magnetic power to play this game.  Jishaku is Japanese for Magnet.  The magnets are finely polished that are received with the game.   This intriguing strategy game can be played in three different ways.  This is a two player game, that is for ages 14 and up.  You can purchase Jishaku on Amazon for $16.39, which is a great price for so much fun. 

This would be the perfect Christmas gift for that teenager in your life.

There are plenty of other games on Identity Games website, if these two games don’t hit the spot for you.  Go on over and take a look.  I promise that there is a game for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season.


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