Simple Tricks To Get Your Property Ready For An Open House


Whenever you want to sell your home there are many things that will go through your mind but the important part is to do all that it takes to get as much money as possible. That is why many real estate agents organize an open house. You surely know much about disastrous costly mistakes made when selling your home but do you know what to do for the open house event? If not, here are some really simple tricks coming from specialists, real estate agents that have been buying homes with cash for years now.

Focus On The Entryway

The very first thing a potential buyer sees is the entrance. Similarly to so many things in life, first impressions count a lot. Most people that will go to your home will make up their mind about whether or not they are interested as they take a look at the entryway and in just minutes after going through the front door.

Make sure that your landscaping is fresh and that you basically pay attention to the exterior of your home. If it looks bad, the possibility to get a good price will be low.

Make Small Fixes Around The Home

Do not be under the impression that people are not going to check home fixtures. They will want to see the attic, the basement, different bathrooms and so on. When they reach the rooms they will want to turn on the lights and will be interested in seeing if the plumbing system works.

It is normal to not be able to fix everything that does not work inside a home but there are always some different things that can be done. You want to make a list of what you can fix and actually start doing the necessary modifications. This will increase selling amounts because of the simple reason that when viewers check they see that all works.

Let A Real Estate Agent Present The Home

The reason why you want to be away from your home as the open house event happens is that you are emotionally attached to the property. This can lead to unwanted negotiation mistakes. Statistics show that you simply get a higher price as you sell through the agent as opposed to when you are present. You may end up overselling various features or just not come out right. The agent has the experience needed to handle different buyer types and increase the possibility of getting good prices.

Remove Personal Elements

Last but not least, you want to allow the viewer to see himself as living in your home. That is hard to do when there are pictures of your family all around. If possible, paint walls in neutral colors and remove every element that is personal since this helps the potential buyer to see himself in the home. He/she can imagine different additions that would be made and it is just a lot easier to make a sale when there is no attachment element seen.

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