Should You Purchase Fire Doors for Your House


Many properties and buildings in the UK routinely install fire doors to save lives and property in case of a fire. There are regulations for UK homes to meet the criteria regarding fire doors. This article allows you to look at the different fire door styles, how they help, and their advantages. 

What are Fire Doors?

Fire doors provide safety from smoke and fire from spreading. Currently, two types of doors can fulfil this purpose;

  • FD-30
  • FD-60

Both these doors respectively offer 30 and 60 minutes of protection against fire.

To receive the classification of a fire door, they must pass official testing and attain the lofty standard of resisting fire damage for a specific time. The door is subject to the British Standards 476 Part-22 test. It measures the duration a door can withstand the fire from spreading between the areas. It also measures how well the door prevents flames, smoke and fumes from spreading. FD-30 is the minimally required door standard in a regulation building. FD-30 doors are also most common for domestic use.

How Fire Doors Help?

Building regulations in the UK make fire doors necessary in specific residential and commercial sectors. Following are the two scenarios where having a fire door is a must;

  • If a two-story house has an internal garage, the wall between them must have an FD-30 door.
  • Every newly built or renovated building with three stories and more must have a fire door at the habitable rooms coming off the stairwell.

The regulations are not so strict for private residences than commercial ones, but you should still consider installing them. Fire doors provide countless advantages for the properties and the rooms. Accidents can happen any time, any place. It is better to have a countermeasure than regret.

Additional Regulations

In addition to the door requirements, the various fixtures on your door must also be fire protected, and CE marked. Latches, hinges, closers, locks, etc., count among these fixtures. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. There must be no weak points on your door or among its fixtures. Otherwise, its effectiveness will be significantly reduced.

Advantages of Installing Fire Doors

Fire doors;

  • Facilitate a quick and safe evacuation from a burning building.
  • Help minimize damage to your property.
  • Improve the safety of your house.
  • Protect lives.
  • Prevent accidental fires from turning into full-blown infernos.
  • Hold off the spread of flames, smoke and fumes until firefighters arrive.

In addition to providing excellent safety benefits, Fire doors;

  • Provide your home or office with a high-quality look.
  • Look sturdier than regular doors.
  • Have an elegant appearance.
  • A range of options to choose from.
  • Available in all shapes and sizes, from regular oak doors to a stunning glazed variety.
  • Give a positive impression to the visitors.
  • Add value to your property.
  • Soundproof your room.

Now you know the reasons why you should prefer fire doors to ordinary doors. You must consider installing them regardless your property falls under the regulations or not. They not only make your home look elegant but also provide an added safety.

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