Selecting the Best Dance Floor – 5 Quick Tips


ID-10025637Sharks can’t swim without ocean, birds can’t fly without sky and dancers can’t dance without dance floors.  Okay, well maybe they can, but they look much better when they’re on the real deal.  For your next party, make it an official jump off by renting a dance floor that will provide your dance sharks with enough ocean to get their swim on!

Of course, just picking out any old dance floor won’t do.  There are serious factors to take into consideration as well as some stylistic ones.  Either way, the bottom line is that you need to put some thought into the type of dance floor you’re going to have at your party—especially if you want it to go off without a hitch.

Choosing the Best Dance Floor for Your Party

Here are five great tips for picking out the right dance floor for your occasion.  Adhering to these tips will ensure that you don’t overpay or buy a dance floor that keeps your guests glued to their chairs.

  1. Who is on your guest list?  The first thing you want to decide is the type of party you’re going to throw.  Take a look at your audience and cater to them.  Is it a kid’s birthday party?  Then you probably don’t need to go all out with hardwood polished floors, but you might want to spice it up with some LED lights.  Is your crowd going to be ballroom dancing?  If so, you’ll want those hardwood floors the same way that you’d want a black and white checkered floor for a vintage Rock Around the Clock dance.  Having a disco?  Why not get some laser and LED lights and take the disco ball concept from the ground up, moving your disco from “last century” to “the future of all parties.”  Think about your guests, your theme, your music and the overall experience—then choose the best dance floor to handle all of these concerns.
  2. Is it an indoor or outdoor party?  There’s a big difference between outdoor dance floors and indoor dance floors.  Not only is the grounding different, the weather-proofing is as well.  For instance, indoors, you probably won’t have to worry about making sure the surface upon which the dance flooring is placed is level, but you will have to outdoors.  You’ll likely have to have some corrective layering foundation put into place before the outdoor dance floor is laid down. Plus, when you’re outdoors, weather conditions come into play.  If it starts raining, it doesn’t have to spell the end of the night—in fact, with a water and weather proof dance floor, a little rain could turn the party into an epic night!  Always make sure that the dance floor you are renting is going to be used for the proper occasion and setting.  If someone slips and gets hurt because you used indoor flooring at an outdoor dance party, guess who is responsible?  HINT: You. It’s not worth saving a few extra bucks—get the right flooring the first time.
  3. Get the right size dance floor for maximum fun.  Nothing is worse than having a great dance party going only to find out that it’s too great!  By that, we mean that there just isn’t enough room for your guests to dance.  This can lead to frustration, boredom and even people leaving early.  You always want to make sure that there is enough room for all of your guests to dance when they want to.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to expect everyone to dance at once. A good rule of thumb is to estimate that about half of your guests will be dancing at any given time.  This allows for people to take breaks, eat, mingle, etc.  This also allows for you to have enough room if the dance floor gets packed, turning the place into a hip-to-hip grindfest without turning it into a stifling place with no room to move.  This will also prevent damage to the dance floor, something that can hurt your security deposit with companies that require them for dance floor rentals.
  4. A dance floor is much, much more.  Don’t just stop at the dance floor—choose other items to flesh out your party from the ground up.  For instance, looking at LED furniture rental companies will give you a new perspective on just how far dance parties have come.  It used to be that you’d have to go to a professional nightclub for the full “lasers and spectacle” effect, but now you can bring them right into your own home, yard or local center.  Look through different rental packages for LED tables, cubes and chairs or even a red carpet for that ultra glamorous effect.  Some people even go so far as to rent fountains and ice sculptures, but those don’t go well on dance floors.  Stick to accessorizing your dance floor with lights and furniture that fit your theme.  This will make the dance floor stand out much more, allowing it to be the star of the party as you intended.
  5. Get a trusted dance floor brand.  Finally, you want to be certain that when you’re renting a dance floor, you’re getting quality flooring that won’t break or cause injuries.  This is relatively simple to do: go with an established dance floor rental company.


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