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We all want to look our best. As we age, our lives become more focused on other things like family, work, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A few beauty products can help to keep us looking fresh and beautiful, even when we’re not giving it our utmost attention. The cost of beauty products can be overwhelming sometimes. We want that wrinkle cream and all it has to offer, but can we really afford to spend that much? There are a few simple shortcuts to follow so spending on those essential products will not break the bank.

Shop Online

When you search for specific products online, you can easily and quickly comparison shop. You’re bound to find the best deals on makeup, skincare and other beauty products. Many online retailers offer special sales and deals, or even free makeup samples. Get familiar with some websites like, or, to find the best deals on cosmetics and skincare available.

Buy Generic


Cosmetics do not have to be name brand to work well. Compare the ingredients of your favorite face powder with a cheaper brand, and you might be surprised that they are the same. Give off-brands a chance to see the results for yourself. You might be surprised and find a product you can’t live without.

Make Your Own

Many beauty masks, peels and scrubs can be made at home. Not only are you saving money, but you’re also giving yourself the benefits of using natural materials to soothe, tighten and purify your skin. Place cucumbers or tea bags on your eyes to relieve puffiness, create soothing masks from oatmeal, avocado or baking soda. You probably already have many of these ingredients in your kitchen.

Multi-task Your Products


Many beauty products can be used for more than one purpose. Foundations often contain built-in moisturizer. Certain oils can be used on the face as well as the body. Many facial powders do double duty as a foundation and sealing powder. Be creative about how you use your products to stretch them as far as possible.

Beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Consider scaling back to the basics and letting your natural glow shine through. Figure out what essentials you can’t live without. Perhaps you must moisturize, but can skip a layer of foundation altogether, opting for a dusting of powder. Maybe you can eliminate all make-up on the weekends. Maybe your sensitive skin can’t live without a sunscreen, but doesn’t need to be scrubbed with cleanser every night. Sometimes going back to the simplest, most basic forms of skincare can bring out our most natural beauty features.



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