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I recently received a generous package from Soft Soap, and let me tell you the scents are to die for.

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Now they have a skincare collection, and the skincare collection has made my skin so soft and feeling luxurious.  I feel silky smooth, not only fresh out of the shower, but all day long.  I could have never imagined such a great priced product would make me feel this way.    There is also a Fragrance Collection that is delicious smelling.  If you are looking for a great new line of products to make you feel silky smooth all day through, this is it.  My daughter and I love Soft Soap products, and I will only be buying Soft Soap from now on.  I love the way it leaves me feel, and the price is right.  I get a better feeling with Soft Soap than I do from leading brands that are so expensive.

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I know you know about Soft Soaps hand soap, but do you know about their new line?  Of course, they have their classics, but now they have, kids, Pampered Hands Foam, Advanced Benefits, and Décor Collection (pictured above).  The Peony and Plum is my favorite.  I love the way my hands smell when I’m done washing.  And they have a squeaky clean feeling.  I shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve bought Soft Soap for years.  Now they have a new line, with very attractive bottles, and great flowery scents.  You can still get their other scents as well.  I just bought Orange Scented Soft Soap in the Halloween section at Walmart the other night.  It’s delectable. 


Soft Soap is made by Colgate Brand.  So I shouldn’t be surprised of the clean feeling, because I know how my teeth feel after being cleaned with Colgate Toothpaste.  They have that shine, I am a coffee drinker so the get that dingy yellow during the day.  They also have a super clean feeling, especially with me having halitosis.  Colgate gives me the longest smelling fresh breath there is.  This is verified by my husband.  He will attest to the prolonged fresh breath.


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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