Carter’s Every Step to Help Your Child Have the Best Steps


Back when my kids were babies it seemed like everyone told me that they needed to be in shoes. They didn’t have anything like Carter’s Every Step.  You could go to a shoe store and they would measure your child’s feet but they always seemed to try to upsell you.  Instead of trying to give us what was best for our child, they just seemed to pick out the most expensive pairs.

With Carter’s Every Step you can feel confident that your child is getting a quality shoe that is good for their feet and helps baby reach each major motor milestone.  There are three stages with Carter’s Every Step which I will share below.

Carter's Every Step Abby Stage 1

Stage One: Uniquely designed for crawling:

This stage has soft, protective toe caps that let baby glide with ease, so they won’t hold your baby back when it comes to getting to their destination.  For comfort, the stage one has no seams for comfort.  Your baby can enjoy the roomy fit which will enable muscles and bones to grow naturally. These cute little shoes are also easy to get on and off with a hook and loop strap and slip-on design.

Carter's Every Step Oldie Stage 2 Boys Athletic Shoe (Infant/Toddler)


Stage 2: Designed for standing upright, balancing on both feet:

You will know when the time comes that they start standing upright that they are ready for Stage 2.  There are sensory pods at the heel and forefoot for better ground feel.  These are also roomy and their self-adjusting fit help feet develop naturally.

Carter's Every Step to Help Your Child Have the Best Steps


Stage 3: Designed for standing and walking steadily:

Stage 3 is the last stage of Carter’s Every Step.  This stage has molded outsoles for better traction.  They have sensory pods at the heels as well as at the forefoot which helps your child with better balancing.  The shoes are roomy, self-adjusting which once again helps feet to continue to develop naturally.

I just love the whole idea of Carter’s Every Step and I wish I had known about them when my grandson was first crawling.  But it is not too late as he would be  Stage 3 now, so I see a gift coming to him very soon.

Carter’s Every Step has a nice array of shoes in each  stage here.


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