When is it Right to Announce the Pregnancy?


Congratulations! You and your partner have just discovered the news that you are pregnant. While your instinct may be to shout it from the rooftops, you may want to consider holding that thought for the moment.

These emotions of joy are completely understandable, especially if it is your first pregnancy. However, you are not out of the woods yet and releasing the news to your family and friends might not be the right idea for this stage of the pregnancy.

Your decision to tell your friends and family about your pregnancy is personal and differs for everyone depending on their own set of individual circumstances. Some couples want to wait until after the first trimester to tell their loved ones as this is when the risk of a miscarriage has reduced to marginal status.

Others simply can’t wait to tell everyone they know and rush to send out a group message on their chat apps. Whatever your own strategy may be, make sure that both of you are completely comfortable with your decision before you do decide to say anything.

If you are reading this article then you probably are toying with the idea and tossing up the pros and cons of keeping it between yourselves or spreading the news. Here are couple of things to consider before you decide on anything.

4 Things to Think about Before Announcing your Pregnancy

#1 Waiting won’t stop the Pregnancy Symptoms

If you decide to hold off on your announcement for a few weeks, this won’t stop the pregnancy from advancing. It may be tough to hide your pregnancy from coworkers and friends if you have to rush off to the bathroom every twenty minutes.

Symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and nausea, swollen, sensitive breasts and fatigue show up in as little as two weeks from date of conception. For more on identifying the early signs of pregnancy go to; www.babymed.com/early-pregnancy-symptoms-signs.

#2 Think about your Extended Families & Friends

If you hold out on your news to give you and your partner some time to enjoy the privacy of your discovery, be aware of the impact it can have on your friends and family. If you have a close relationship with your immediate families and your friends, then you don’t want to wait for two long. People may feel resentment that you did not bother to tell them and they had to find out from others. Make sure to include everyone in your announcement when you do decide to go for it.

#3 Can you handle a Miscarriage?

Nobody wants to jinx a pregnancy by thinking about a miscarriage, but it is a real risk you have to take into account. Gloriously announcing your pregnancy to your friends and family and then dealing with the disappointment and embarrassment of a miscarriage can hurt your emotional state badly if you are not prepared to handle the news of a miscarriage. Make sure you are comfortable in your decision before you decide to tell anyone.

#4 When it Shows, Everyone Knows

Sooner or later that bump will show! Make sure everyone knows by now or be prepared for some curious questions around the water cooler at work and while you are out with your friends and family.

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