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We received some great gifts from Resqme a few weeks ago.  My daughter was the first to snatch up on some goodies.  She’s 18, and has to park away from her College Campus, so she took the mace and put it on her keychain.  Of course I gave her the Car Escape tool, which we were all lucky enough to get one of the Car Escape tools.  I also gave her the Defend Me, and Prepare Me Kit.  These items are all essential, if you are in an accident, or see an accident and want to help.


The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool is a great item to have.  It will break your window, if the door is jammed, as well as cut the seatbelt.  We, luckily, haven’t had to use the tools, but we have them in an emergency. 

Here’s some specifics:

  • Seat belt cutter + Car window breaker
  • Compact, lightweight & powerful
  • Easily accessible, no installation required
  • Tested and certified by TÜV
  • Over 10 years saving lives worldwide
  • Red Dot Design Award – Winner 2014


The Pepper Spray, I made sure Sarah has on her Keychain.  Never know when she might need this.  I used to always carry Pepper Spray, when I would drive.  Now that I don’t go places alone, I don’t need it.

  • Made in USA
  • Maximum strength; quick release
  • UV marking dye
  • High performance 25 bursts up to 10 feet
  • Great value – 4 year shelf life (from the date of manufacture) – double the industry average


Prepare Me is perfect for anyone, as well.  I gave this to Sarah to put in her car, just incase she’s ever in need.  There’s everything in this 57 piece pack.  It’s a wonderful case, with everything organized.

  • 50 Premium first aid items + 6 safety tools + 1 safety guide with personal emergency card.
  • Includes 1 resqme, The Original Keychain Car escape Tool (Made in USA).
  • Includes 1 alertme, the anti-fatigue driving alert device.
  • Powerful LED hand-powered flashlight (no battery required)
  • Modern and unique honeycomb design. 100% polyester offers a durable, washable and mildew resistant case. Includes 2 detachable and water resistant PVC plastic pouches.

Defend Me, this is a great device.  When you pull it apart, it whistles (really loud) to let someone know you need help.  We did take it apart to hear the sound, and it was ear piercing.  This is definitely something Sarah will wear for a long time.

  •  Powerful 120dB siren
  • Pull strap in case of emergency; no button to activate
  • Comes with a strap; attach it to purse, sport duffle bag, back pack
  • Provides safety when needed


My favorite item is the Alert Me.  This product was developed so that when you get drowsy, it alerts you, and wakes you back up.  This has got to be the coolest little device of them all.



  • Main Function: Anti-fatigue alarm device.
  • Alarm Mode: Sound alert with On and Off button
  • Ergonomic design: Compact and lightweight (1 oz) alertme fits comfortably behind ear
  • Battery operated: Replaceable button cell battery. Life Time: 30000 nods
  • Safe to use: FFC approved, CE Certified and Mercury free
  • Alertme Lifesaver Alert – Stay awake and stay alive; Avoid drowsiness while driving; Mercury free and FCC approved

These items have all been life changing for my family.  Now Joe & Sarah are safe while they are away most of the day.  Sarah drives an hour to school, Joe not so far to work.  Still, things can happen close, or far away.  Now Resqme has us covered.

Remember someone you love this Holiday Season with Resqme.

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.




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